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    Hi Guys,

    I just downloaded and installed Orbx Netherlands from the Orbx site with FTX central and now when i click on location in the sim Aerofly instantly closes, should i re install the software

    and try again ? , has anyone else had this problem.



    This sim is loaded up & ready to go in seconds & you don't need a NASA computer to run it, thanks to ipacs & ORBX for producing an awesome sim with awesome scenery,here's a video i made flying the DR400 over the New Netherlands scenery,really looking forward to the future with this sim : )

    Hi Guys

    Sorry to jump in on this thread but are you having any problems downloading the Netherlands file ? i am on my seventh attempt & it fails everytime using FTX central & i've tried manually downloading the file it just does the same & i have decent download speed between 10 & 20mb/s but it fails evertytime, i just bought something i can't use : (

    I haven't added any content manually,i can't remember which area is in the video so i just tried again with a flight in zurich & the trees are still square in all areas of the sim ,as far as i know the trees are in actual released content, i have aerofly fs2 on steam so it automatically updates for me.

    Once again many thanks for your help, i will press on trying to solve the problem in various ways but i still love the sim & will just take the trees off in settings.

    Kind regards


    When you say default setting do you mean the global setting on the nvidia control panel as i'm not very techy on this stuff,

    my driver version is 398.11


    Hi Again guys,

    In april i posted about all the trees in my sim being square, i recieved one reply which asked if all my drivers are up to date,all of my drivers are the latest & my installation is also up to date,

    Despite all this i cannot get rid of the square trees, i have taken the step of removing all the trees in the settings menu as it is really frustrating flying around looking at square trees, i have still not found a solution to this problem surely their must be a fix somewhere or someone must have also experienced this, this is a link to the video i made of the problem

    Square trees

    my specs intel i7 - 6700 cpu 3.40 ghz 16gb ram gpu Nvidia GE Force gtx 1050ti psu corsair HX 750w

    Thanks :)

    Hi guys, i'm having problems with the trees,all of a sudden my trees are all square shaped,everything else is ok,any ideas what's happening here ?

    Thanks :) this is a video of the problem

    I have to agree that i would like some form of shaking when the aircraft is on take off roll or landing but it has to be the Aircraft that shakes

    & not the camera, the instruments would shake too,how complicated this would be to achieve i don't know but it would certainly improve

    the immersion as i do not use VR :)

    Would like to see

    - Real world weather

    - AI Traffic

    - More scenery

    - Road Traffic

    - An ocean that moves

    I know to some people these might seem trivial but as much as i like AF FS2 it just seems like it's a quiet world we need some life & movement in it !

    I know all this takes time & i love the sim but that is my two cents worth & i do appreciate all that the Ipacs guys are doing :)