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    Hi Thomas,

    thanks for your fast reply. I will check that directly. I also had a closer look in the toc-file and I found a lot of buildings (which are marked commercial) with decimal numbers at their floor definition. Is that okay?

    Hi folks,

    I have a problem with my custom cultivation. I used the Scenproc_Template V7 for generatione the toc-file. After starting aerofly fs 2 I get an "space elevator" ;) with the height of around 45000 ft where normaly a tv tower sits. I tried to find this object in the toc-file with the coordinates and the floor level but no luck.

    Maybe someone of our experts have an idea whats happend or could help me here please.

    Best regrads,


    Hi guys,

    I found a super cool tool, which is called VRK (stands for Virtual kneeboard) and I wanted to share the information with you.

    With this program you can use your own PDF's or JPEG'S for Checklists or Navigational Charts or you combine it with a pen tablet (like I did) and you can make notes directly on the virtual kneeboard during flight in VR.

    The software ist free (but you can give the author a little donation for it and I would suggest it, because it is really worth it). I tested VRK in combination with my HP Reverb and Aerofly FS2 and it works like charm on my system (no noticable impact on performance or any instabilities). I can highly recommend it.

    The download is available from this website:

    For further information it put the following description/explanation from a thread at the DCS-Forum where I found it:

    I hope you have fun with it and stay healthy,

    All the best,


    Hi together,

    after some flights:

    • I obeserverd the same issue with the magnetic compass.
    • the sound is in my view not appropiate (due to this changing volume thing), in the fsx and prepar3d version is the sound much better (changing by rpm).
    • The ignition switch does most of the time nothing, the only possibilty to kill the engine in flight or on the ground is to cutoff the fuel.
    • rollout after the landing is to short, in my opinion.

    In principle when I look at the versions for other simulators, I think the developers did a good job there, unfortunetly not in aerofly fs 2. Maybe caused by a lack of specific knowledge how to realize functions in our sim, eventually IPACS could assist them a little bit?

    Hi Kai,

    thanks for your fast reply.

    But, wonder what, I have picked up the Bücker again and started to finish off the tmd. The 3d model is ready and the textures need only some small fixing. So, not much left, but I can't (want) afford more than a few hours per weekend.

    Everthing is fine, take the time you need there are other things which are important in live. And your answer about the Bücker left a little smile in my face. Thanks for that! :)

    Have a nice day,

    Best regards,


    I made some posts in the Just Flight forum about the topic. Until now no response from the developers (only one from the staff of Just Flight, that he will forward the message to propair)

    In the mean time I looked for some reviews of the propair falke for FSX/Prepar on youtube. In one of the videos the shown flight model behaviour looked to me more acurate than the aerofly variant.…lke%20SF-25%20C

    So I think there is hope.

    I have now completed my first flight. And my feelings about the Falke are a little mixed.

    First of all I was very excited about this new addon because I have been flying this type of aircraft (SF25 C-Falke) in reality for around 20 years. Until 2010 the version with 80 hp Limbach engine, an then the converted version with a Rotax 912 engine (100 hp). Generally these type of aircraft are really common in german glider clubs. Some call them "retiree jets" with a smile :)

    In my opinion the modeling of the airplane and the interieur is well done. The feeling in VR when you sit in the cockpit quite fits.

    After a flight of 15 min. I observed these things:

    • The flight control is very spongy and the necessary amount of rudder is too high (and I know that the plane has a strong negative turning moment)
    1. In all variants the climbing (m/s) is to high. In reality you need to accelerate in the ground effect for a safe climbing speed, for example.
    • The displayed engine speeds (rpm) are not correct (generally to low):
    1. The rpm with full throttle on the ground is much too low
    2. In the air in cruising flight the rpm is to low, too. It should be at 150 km/h about 2500 rpm.
    3. At VNE and full throttle the rpm speed should go over the red line (3400 rpm)
    • carburetor preheating is reversed. Normally the lever is up and the preheating is off.
    • wheel brake should be coupled to the airbrake.
    • If I turn the main switch off, the airspeed indicator does not work anymore (in reality it works with the dynamic pressure and is purely mechanical)

    I noticed the following with the model:

    • The screw on the carburetor warm-up lever isn't moving.
    • In the aircraft selection the rudder is missing in the aircraft picture of the C-falcon.

    I have the feeling, that the developers rushed a little bit the release. Hopefully they will look on these issues will patch it with update.

    PS: Flying with some friends in formation with our Club C-Falke, sitting in SF28 "Tandemfalke" in the backseat.

    Dear Sylvain,

    I can only agree to the previous posts! Your P2008 is an incredible plane! The Modeling is truly payware quality! I had yesterday my first flight with it from my homebase, after loading the plane in VR, I had directly the feeling of sitting in a real one! Thanks a lot for this experience!!

    Thank you so much for this Christmas Present!