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    Hi guys,

    I am started to cultivate my home airport with the different tools and possibilties from this great communtiy (Objectgen, scenery from FlightXtreme, gliders and airplane models from Trespassers).

    Now I have power lines, wind turbines, cars on the streets and much more which is amazing. From day to day my glider field looks more real. Thanks a lot for that.

    As I try to get the best visual replication of this area now I have the following problem. The original cultivation from the scenery Bavaria (from FlightXtreme) uses the building textures in the scenerey folder. There we have different kind of textures for the houses (for white ones, for brick houses an so on). As I unterstand it right, the textures for the cultivated buildings will be used randomly, that leads to the fact everytime I start Aerofly FS 2 the houses look different to the last time before. So in principle that is not a big deal for me. My question is can I have control over how many houses should be provided with a specific texture (white one for example) and how many with a different? Maybe via a proportional distribution. The reason for that is in my region there are typically not much brick houses. Now I have the feeling the distribtution of normal houses and brick houeses are fifty/fifty.

    Another question is, are there any limitations how many toc-files I can use with one airport?

    What do you think?



    I am very pleased with the reverb in combination with Aerofly.

    With the settings, which are desribed in this thread:

    Questions on SteamVR/WMR-APP settings for the HP Reverb

    I get a solid performance (@90 Hz) with my RTX2070 in combination with I7 4970K and 16GB memory (in most conditions). I operate the headset with the native resolution of 2160 x 2160 pixel per eye (100% in SteamVR). I compared the reverb with the rift s (with SS on 1.7) and the image qualtiy (clarity) is so much better for me.

    In high demanding sceneries like New York or Amsterdam the perfomance is breaking in, but with the reprojection I will get 45 Hz.

    My settings in Aerofly are all on high just the shadows and trees are on medium. Supersampling is on 1.0.

    What I noticed with the reverb you have to put this headset very carefully on your head to get a sharp picture. With a slightly misplaced headset the clarity is gone and sometimes you can see a blue bar in the lower image area (in Reddit it was already reported about this). I suspect this is due to the lenses that cause some chromatic aberration effect. But I see this behaviour only in the Cliffhouse but not while flying in Aerofly. It is a little bit strange.

    In sum I'm very happy with this headset and with my decision for the reverb and against the rift s .



    Hi folks,

    since a few people from the forum now also own the HP Reverb and may have a similar problem, I thought I'd post my solution here.

    The HP Reverb doesn't fit perfectly for me. That's why I thought about the last days how I can increase the wearing comfort. My problem is that the headset presses on the bridge of my nose and so longer sessions are very uncomfortable. A few days ago I had the idea to try an old VR cover cushion (for the Rift CV1) in combination with the Rerverb. For the mod I simply used self-adhesive Velcro strips and attached the VR cover cushion to the faceplate of the HP Reverb. Due to the additional padding the headset sits a little bit further away from my face and there is no pressing spot anymore. In addition, the headset feels more comfortable for me without any changes to my FOV.

    For me this is a good temporary solution until VR-Cover possibly offers an alternative faceplate. Now I can really enjoy the Reverb!





    You are totally right, with my specs Aerofly runs very comfortably (non VR and VR). But as you know, you can't have enough power especially if you have a HP Reverb. :)

    After the good hints from the community for the best settings, Aerofly runs extremely well with native resolution of the Headset and fluently (with 90 Hz) in most of the various scenarios. I have to say explicitly here Aerofly is really the best performance optimized flight simulator I've ever seen. Again a big compliment to the developers for their work. Thank you very much!!!!

    But of course in highly detailed cities like Amsterdam, New York and partly in Monterrey it comes to frame rate break-ins with my hardware (which doesn't surprise me either). With the tool fpsVr I could observe very well that apparently not the GPU but the older CPU is the problem. That's why I asked the question what would be the best of the best.



    Hello, everybody,

    since a few days I am concerned with the question if I should upgrade my system and if so, how?

    Currently I have an older I7 4970K processor with a Z97 board that is permanently overclocked to 4.5 Ghz. Until now I was very satisfied with it. But through VR I notice that I am at the performance limit especially in combination with my current graphics card (RTX2070).

    Since my last PC build, processor technology has changed a lot (from quadcore's to 32 cores). AMD's Ryzen is much discussed by gamers. There is often talk of good value for money.

    Are the Ryzen processors now competitive for compute-intensive and graphically complex flight simulations? Or should I stay with Intel?

    What is your opinion? In the old days, Intel and Nvidia were the best combination for flightsims. Is that still the case today?

    What system would you put together today to be well equipped and happy with Aerofly and VR in the future?

    I'm looking forward to your answers.

    Best regards


    Hello folks,

    I finally found the time to test the HP Reverb extensively. With the tips you gave me, the headset works very well (especially on my old rig). I'm very excited about the resolution. You can finally see the smallest details like power lines, smaller bushes and the details on the airplanes like screws and rivets. Seen from this side I am really really thrilled. Many thanks again to you both for your help!


    ORBX Monterrey as well as Innsbruck is a blast with this Headset.

    But now I have a problem. Don't laugh... but my nose is too big for the reverb. 8| If I put the headset on, so that I get a clear picture, the headset presses on my nose bridge, which becomes very unpleasant after some time. I think if the padding was a little thicker, it would help.

    Do you both have an idea to cope with this, or is there another faceplate which I could buy ?

    I'd realy like to keep the HP Reverb, but I'm unsure because it sits so uncomfortably for me.

    Best regards,


    Hi guys,

    after the encouraging posts from whitav8, Majick, GrahamD and simbanl I also ordered the HP Reverb. Yesterday evening I was able to do a first test with Aerofly. Coming from the Oculus Rift CV1, I'm not familiar with the settings of WMR headsets. Do you have any good tips what I have to consider with the settings under SteamVR and the WMR app? Is there a tool for WMR headsets like the Oculus Tray Tool to check my performance load?

    Information about my specs:

    4970K @4.5 Ghz, RTX 2070, 16 GB Ram, asrock fatality z97 Killer

    Thanks in advance


    it looks gorgeous!!! Especially I like the "Zackenband" on the rudder!

    I can only agree with the previous speakers. Very well done, I'm really impressed Kai !!!

    Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to test the Arrow briefly during three Touch-and-Go's in Texel. In VR the airplane is a blast. The modeling and the textures as well as the sound are very good and especially the flight feeling is excellent for me. The Landing flare for example. It just fits. :):thumbup:

    Now I need more real life motion/rumbling at my seat. Unfortunately, my force feel pad is still not supported from realteus.

    But for now im looking forward for my next flights with the different arrows, thanks for that!

    Best regards,


    A plugin that plays these based on the set radio frequency and / or geographic location would be cool. :/

    Exactly this thought I had recently when I flew through the Netherlands with the Duchess from EHGG to EHTX. Via Live-ATC I had always been able to listen to the respective frequency. The only problem was that I had to take off my VR headset each time to change the frequency (which kills the immersion). Controlling LiveATC directly from the plane would be great. Unfortunately I have no idea if this would work at all.

    Hey Kai,

    flying the Bücker sounds great. The next time you fly past the Amalienhof, let me know and you are always invited for a coffee stop.

    By the way, the screenshots of the Arrow look really great and I'm really looking forward to the release. :thumbup:

    Best regards,


    We have to ask the question; Is this such a high demand and need for this? Just thinking about this a bit makes me ponder if anyone except maybe a couple of individuals even care or have a true need for this.

    Hi Jeff,

    I also fly exclusively in VR and I would be very happy if I had the possibility to have e.g. PDF's in the cockpit for approach charts, checklists, ICAO maps etc.. This would make it easier to train procedures in addition to the realistic flight feeling.