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    Last night I uninstalled everything, 5 hours to reinstall the sim, 5 hours to reinstall the DLC and still no airports. This is after uninstalling the DLC and trying to re-install it twice before. So far I have spent 25hours trying to make this work...... and I am not a computer amateur. Have to say guys you got so much work to do.

    i uninstalled the DLC then via the steam app installed again... 5 hours later steam shows the DLC installed but still no airports on the map. Rebooted the system. Checked the steam folder and its now just short of 90GB so the data is all there, but still nothing showing on the location map. Go to say i thought steam was going to make it easier but I think I will go back to P3D with all the pain it entails at least the addons work first time and the downloads from ORBX and FlightSim Store are so much faster.

    Such a shame because the sim itself is so much better in VR than P3d, X-Plane or FSX :(