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    hi I have not used aerofly for a couple of months as I had removed from my system as I was fed up of the stutter and bad shimmering and bad a a even in 2d I done a full reinstall of afs yesterday,latest nvidia drivers lower settings all to no avail but nothing had improved ,when I first installed afs and my first flight over New York in vr it ran so smooth and all the buildings looked amazing all settings on ultra apart from shadows but for some reason something changed and I don't know what,my other sim I use runs so smooth and looks great so am looking for any help to get afs running nice again my system i7700 1080 gpu and 16g of ram.


    This is PC pilot second look at afs2 a previous one over a year ago can't remember the issue number but that mainly focuses on the performance and excellent aircraft and scenery but also mentioned afs2 was still being developed, overall a good first impression that made me take a closer look at afs2 which I then purchased I expect as afs2 gets more features PC pilot will take another look at what's new.


    Yeah, it's still not as it used to be. I've lost the stutters I had with the most recent fix. So I can play without throwing up. Though I now get jumps, like the view stops for a moment before catching up.

    I too get jumps fps drops down to 45 then back to 90 at various part of the flight depending how complex the scenery is if I turn the render scale down to 1 this makes a slight difference but I used to run this sim with a render scale of 2 with no problems even tried running my 1080 overclocked but there is no improvement.


    hi Steve glad you're not getting stutters anymore what about vr are you seeing the drop in frames from 90 to 45 in populated scenery like New York.


    yes we are using different flight sims but those who have posted about problems are all using oculus so this could be a oculus problem or are you saying that the problem is on afs side can't you go into a bit more detail as we seem to be kept in the dark .

    just uninstalled oculus as afs now looks bad in hi res populated areas with lots of buildings lowering settings makes no difference,now just using 2d but afs still not good what was once clear scenery with crisp looking buildings has now become a shimmering wreck no matter how much I change settings nothing changed in my system graphic driver up to date only have afs on my system, would like to ask other users to post there flying experience in the New York area any shimmering etc as I would like to rule out something wrong with my system or is this problem related to afs. inside cockpit is ok just seems to be autogen.


    some more testing this problem not just Denver I tried new York same issues if I turn the render scale down to 1 then I get 90 fps but still looks terrible when I first installed afs I used render scale at 2 90 fps and the scenery was amazing no shimmering my system ran afs nice and smooth don't know what has changed but wont be using vr mode again until its fixed no problems in 2d still get high fps and scenery looks great.


    I had this problem after I downloaded the Colorado scenery bad shimmering and antialiasing and some stuttering which I reported in a previous thread I also had my fps drop down to 45 fps in vr but did not mention in that post the drop in fps was over the Denver area, tonight I started a flight and flew around San Francisco fps 90 changed position to Denver fps drop to 45 restarted flight in 2d over Denver fps 150 changed back to San Francisco area 2d fps 394 so looks as though it is something to do with the Denver area as I get a big frame drop in 2d and vr also not getting bad shimmering and antialiasing out with the Denver area tried ss at 1 but no difference my system I7 7700 @4.6ghz 16g ram and a gtx1080.