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    Hi started afs2 earlier today to resume a flight but noticed the scenery was flickering badly in vr mode creating more of a overall blurred view also the shadows where flickering badly on airport buildings this was noticeable also in 2d mode as well, in 2d mode you can cycle the views and this would improve the flickering somewhat, also if you turned the shadows down to minimum that also made a improvement The airport I was using is John f Kennedy time Utc 10.25. the gauges in the 737 which is the aircraft I'm using look ok but any shadows being cast on the cockpit glareshield also flickered,my system i7700k 4.2 16g ddr4 ram gtx1080 gpu vr rendering set to 2, it was only after the update that I had this problem, also when at idle the 737 is also rolling. The vr experience is not very nice just now hope you can help.


    hi is there a manual on how to use the 737 autopilot as sometimes the autopilot will switch on and other times I get a autopilot disconnect push to reset warning I know I'm doing something wrong but can't figure out what the problem is, maybe someone can post how they set up the autopilot from take off to cruise.