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    Flying the A320. Usually picks up the ILS, sometimes not. E.g. just flown into KPGA rwy 33, and never picked up the ILS.

    Following same procedure each time.

    Any ideas?

    As has been mentioned before, there seem to be some issues with updating Aerofly FS2 under Steam. Certainly, it doesn't always update automatically for me, like all my other Steam products. To make it update I have to go into properties (right-click the name in your Steam library) and change the selection under the Betas tab. That forces the update (for me, at least).

    Thanks for those responses. Seems there may/may not be an issue with Aerofly FS2 vs real life! I suspect some may want the sim to be entirely accurate, although for my part I would be happy if the Navigation page just reflects what is in the sim, i.e. whether or not a runway has ILS.

    Many thanks for that helpful and informative reply. The sim is therefore correct, it's just the navigation page that is wrong, stating that runway 27 is ILS.

    I'll give SkyVector a look...

    Two small bugs that don't seem to have been reported (I hope this is the right place to mention them):

    1. The ILS at San Diego runway 27 doesn't seem to be working. Tried it several times, with the Airbus and 747 but doesn't pick up the G/S and/or LOC. Don't think I'm missing anything!

    2. The Airbus landing gear lever sometimes disappears, when in the UP position. Reappears when you lower the gear.

    Otherwise, thoroughly enjoying what is now my favourite sim (and I've been simming for over 30 years...)!

    UPDATE: As to point 1, does runway 27 have an ILS, as the game suggests?