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    So I gave it a try. A solid try.

    It is damn near impossible to fly the aircraft clean. I tried a short cross-country flight in the 172 in Switzerland.

    What killed it for me is the flaps. When it finally registered that my hand was on it, all I could do with the complete lack of precission was either full flaps or full retracted.

    And the flying...I figured I at least needed the rudders. But the hat-switch on my oculus-controller overrides my rudders making them only reach about 5% right/left.

    Look, I love this sim, but this feature...I don't know. It makes me feel more disconnected from the aircraft than with my stick/yoke, throttle and rudders. Ok, I get it, it makes the sim more accesible for the none-simmers out there with a VR headset. But for me, as long-time simmer? No. Never. Sorry. It takes away the immersion for me, rather than adding to it.

    Just my 2 cents.