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    Have done my first flight: from Rotterdam to Amsterdam via The Hague. Absolutely incredible. The graphics, thick autogen and smooth performance make VFR so much more enjoyable than in P3D. It allows me to really appreciate all the detail. This makes me want to boot up the sim and just fly around the area. I plan on next doing a passenger jet flight from Zurich to Amsterdam.

    I will admit one thing though (and I know Jeroen will go off on this one :P), but in the city areas with the denser building autogen I do get the occasional quick stutter. My settings are on Vulkan and full except shadows which are on the second highest.

    You can't unfortunately. Some of us have asked IPACS if they can allow for the buttons to be assigned so we can do it. They've said they decided not to allow that due to compatibility with other VR controllers. To be honest, it's a bit of a killer for VR hands, so I have gone back to using my flight sim hardware.

    I would like to second Jan's suggestion about the camera reset function/button also resetting the zoom. I use this kind of function a lot so I can easily and quickly get back to the default position. The current inability to get back to the default zoom can be a little annoying as each time I zoom in to do something in the cockpit I have to re-figure out what the default perspective is like. I know I could just zoom to a degree I feel is good but I'd rather trust the default zoom's perspective.

    Are you talking about the ability to sell second hand gear online here? Over at Avsim, which is a flight sim community forum, they have a section where people can do just that.

    Quite amazingly, when I ordered my Rift a year ago it only took a week for it to get from the Netherlands to Brisbane (where I live). In the same amount of time something else I ordered got delivered from Sydney, but that's Australia Post for you. :P I hope you enjoy it, VR is an incredible experience. One year on and I'm still loving every moment I spend in AFS2 with it.

    Generic autogen buildings that at least have the kind of style/textures that part of the world contains is what I'd prefer with even just landclass textures, rather than straight up photorealism. I would have not bothered with AFS2 if not for the autogen possibilities. I really hope that all other DLC areas get this treatment at some stage. Orbx are supposed to be releasing Switzerland cultivation for free sometime soon.

    Haha. I don't. I want Orbx to keep making scenery for all the different flight sim platforms. :) It's their thing. But at least the connection between them and IPACS seems very strong.

    Since when was the R22 "late"? What was the release date?

    It's simple: it's content they've been working on and will release when ready.

    Flight sim news site FSElite has published an interview recently done with Orbx CEO John Venema. This is what he had to say when asked about AFS2 development...

    "We work very closely with IPACS on projects and share tech between our companies all the time. There are obvious technical issues to solve as we introduce new systems into AFS2 but working so close with IPACS allows us to overcome those obstacles in good time. AFS2 has so much excess framerate bandwidth that adding new systems won’t diminish its performance as we move forward. We have TrueEarth Netherlands coming out for AFS2 in the next week or so, followed by the UK, Pacific Northwest, Germany and perhaps many more. We previewed Palm Springs airport at FSExpo in June running at 200fps on a laptop with full PeopleFlow2 support – What a sim! We have internal tools being coded in conjunction with IPACS and other contractors to allow us to rapidly build out airports and other aspects of terrain, so we are investing all the time to accelerate the development cycle for that sim. Vulkan will provide even more headroom for further tech to be added."

    As well as some interesting info in that paragraph, there's the news that TE Netherlands will be released very soon. :)

    Check out the full interview here -…ew-with-orbx-john-venema/

    Might it be considered in the future that Navigraph data could be synced with the sim for those with subscriptions? Or that the sim itself could start off with a particular Navigraph set and on the occasion be updated?

    Hear hear! I just want to add that I am seriously impressed with the new anti-aliasing. I find in other flight sims it can be either too minimal or too smooth, but you guys have absolutely nailed it to my eyes. And of course there's everything else with the new update. Also I agree 100% with what Rob said, though of course I always look forward to what IPACS bring to the simulator and I'm sure the ATC will be excellent. (Fantasy scenario - imagine if TrueSky came to AFS2? It was stunning in FSW, and I don't think there's any way it'll ever come to P3D or XP due to the third party engines)

    Yeah it takes some good guessing to get it right. Otherwise you could use a software like LittleNavMap to see where the STAR goes and what waypoints it may go over. Being too close to the mountains is no fun, especially if you don't want to see any pop-in. :P

    What I tend to do is add the waypoints which line up to the runway to the flight plan. On the navigation map, if you click on the triangle down the bottom left it will display all the waypoints. I don't bother looking up charts, there's little point unless you want to be that exact.

    Here's hoping ATC isn't too far away. With the recent plane improvements and upcoming Netherlands scenery, the desire for better IFR operations has become higher. :)