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    You can see in the promo screenshots that the resolution is low around the mainland airport. They did add it as a bonus, which doesn't come with the product on other platforms. Here's hoping for Orbx's potential Germany region probably next year. I'm also still keen on Aerosoft's Lukla. That would be frightening in VR.

    Actually, Orbx offer 40% off when you buy the same scenery for another sim. It only applies at Orbx Direct however.

    I don't think I'll ever say goodbye to Prepar3d v4 until I get a sim that has all the features and third party developer addons. Time will tell.

    Hear hear. Incredibly well said. The developers have repeatedly said over and over that they want all the features. Their aim is for every feature to be top notch. It is quite ambitious for such a small team, but what they have achieved thus far is awesome. We should all get behind their ambitious mission to deliver high quality features. Shall we have to wait, we shall wait. For the time being we can enjoy what we have of it.

    I understand with X-Plane they use OSM data to layout roads which traffic can then spawn on. Some users have experimented with trying to turn the roads visually off so they only see the roads in the orthoimagery. The results have been mixed due to X-Plane's combined mesh system. This is a route IPACS could go down so that traffic can go along the roads. But then there's the problem of bridges and very uneven terrain.

    Some really good insights from Tonywob there. I'm hoping IPACS will reach out to him to help further develop the cultivation. It still has a way to go in terms of variation and non-rectangular buildings as mentioned. I've noticed these limits in Orbx's KMRY and KEGE. Maybe Orbx might also get him on-board their AFS2 developments. Whatever happens, I'm looking forward to what more we'll see of cultivation. I wonder if Orbx's PNW will bring anything new to the system.

    Orbx have been a FSX/Prepar3d-based scenery developer for +10 years. Their product range only has certain areas of the world, and generally areas of the world that are popular for flying. They have been able to make products which enhance entire continents for FSX/Prepar3d that makes use of its landclass scenery system. However AFS2 is photoscenery based. Not too much of the world will be able to be covered due to the costs of obtaining high quality imagery that doesn't have clouds and other imagery issues. Orbx are however working on AFS2 regions for Netherlands, Pacific North-West USA and are planning to also do Germany. As for IPACS, we'll see what they pull off.

    "- The terrain engine is much sharper. Ground textures and autogen (cultivation in AFS2 parlance) render more clearly in the middle and far distances. This is particularly great for mountain sceneries; the definition in distant peaks is much better than P3D."

    This is something that excites me greatly about Orbx sceneries in AFS2. I love mountains. When I first got LOWI for AFS2 and loaded it up, I looked at the mountains and was like "woah!". Orbx doesn't even need to give me an airport, just give me mountains and I'll land wherever I can on them, haha. As much as the official DLC is a step up from the blurry default, Orbx's quality is a step even further up. I seriously can't wait for PNW. We'll see what they pull off for a region.

    The incoming Oculus Touch feature shall also further enhance the VR immersiveness. Sure some people will prefer to still use hardware in combination with the touch controllers. Me personally though, I'd like to give it a shot just using the touch for everything and challenge myself a bit more.

    Remember about PNW too! That will be stunning to VFR around in AFS2, especially when they bring all their detailed airport sceneries into it.

    In Colorado, as well as Denver the areas of Aspen and Telluride have autogen buildings. Utah is the same as other regions.

    The Orbx PNW and Netherlands regions will be amazing to have in AFS2 this year. Just think about all of that beautiful autogen. :S

    I have a similar approach. I also use AFS2 if I simply want to fly around the regions it has or fly the Q400 as I don't have any addons for them in P3D. I don't mind the Rift resolution so I also use AFS2 when I want to immerse myself into the virtual world. But otherwise, for IFR and for Alaskan bush VFR I use P3D. I recently have tried to get back into VFR flying with P3D in Norway and the UK, but it's a shame with all the popping and other little performance issues.

    It's unfortunate though that Orbx have expressed that some regions which would be amazing for VFR - from memory Norway, UK, Canada - are too expensive to get good photoimagery for. We'll see what the future holds though. I'm super super keen for PNW.