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    I've said before it would be incredible to see some sort of third-party weather collaboration. But I think IPACS have stated that they themselves want to see what they can achieve with weather for AFS2. This is especially since it is a completely different engine and their very own engine. It would still be nice to see some collaboration with flight sim weather experts. Weather is half the fun for me when flight simming.

    I too am a happy customer with Sky Force, and can't wait for the rest of the Force range. I use Opus for live weather. Also keep a close eye on Flight Sim World and their collaboration with TrueSky. They're about to release dynamic weather options, working their way towards live weather later on in the year.

    I look forward to a much improved King Air. I love King Airs, they're great for low altitude regional travel. The recent turboprop behaviour changes have made a good difference thus far.

    "Bought through FSX"? You mean through Orbx Direct right? If you have any other Orbx sceneries are they working alright? Maybe try reinstalling. Sometimes random things happen. But if you're using FTX Central it should work straight up. You can uninstall and reinstall easily in that application.

    Check it out here -…ies-comes-to-aerofly-fs2/

    New Orbx scenery for AFS2 always excites me. This looks stunning, as expected from Orbx. Awesome work Jarrad - ORBX ! Note that in the features list they mention region-specific building textures which are not depicted in the screenshots. That shall be excellent to see. The scenery will also include two small airstrips - Gypsum Creek Ranch (CO47) and Avon STOLPort (WHR). I've been hoping that Orbx will start putting in some grass strips, which are great for VFR. They are always fun to fly in and out from in P3D. Having them in AFS2's engine would mean that we can experience the full level of vegetation with great performance. It gets really annoying with the FSX/P3D sceneries when you have to turn off options in the scenery control panels to get decent performance. I particularly can't wait for the PNW strips to be converted. Do note that these extra airfields in the Eagle County package are stated to be "lite" so it probably won't have full detail. Still exciting though.

    We have this and KJAC coming soon from Orbx. What a time to be alive. These sceneries are making me want seasons more and more though in AFS2. One day in the future maybe.

    Great to see Orbx investing into the autogen tech. I've asked on their forum about the autogen variety, so we don't see those red roofs everywhere. I actually find it a little too repetitive in KMRY. It is still early days for autogen/cultivation but with Orbx on-board that shall certainly improve. I'm pretty excited for Orbx and ASF2 next year, especially with the PNW region. With KJAC I'm hoping some region that covers around that area (between PNW, Utah and Colorado - essentially what Orbx covers with its "Central Rocky Mountains" region) is in the works.

    It will be interesting to see what other third party developers will invest into AFS2 next year.

    I'm a de Havilland, Beechcraft, Boeing type. A Cub would be nice but I'm more into the Beaver.

    Seaplanes would be lovely, but of course we'll have to wait til proper water is implemented.

    As I said somewhere else, for obvious reasons, payware developers are able to focus a lot of time into development in order to deliver real high quality. There can be some amazing freeware out there for flight sims but payware will obviously have the higher quality. I'm willing to pay for quality. Also I'm a consumer hobbyist, not a developer. I'll consume what people develop.

    I somewhat agree AOB, but only to the extent of the airports they convert. VFRing in AFS2 (especially with VR) is such an incredible experience compared to P3D. The detail Orbx provides in their content can be experienced better during low and slow VFR flights rather than high and fast IFR jet flights. To me it makes buying more Orbx airports I have not bought for P3D more worthwhile. Innsbruck, Mieg's and Monterey I never planned to buy for P3D. I have a few PNW ones for P3D which I've barely flown around but can't wait to in AFS2 once PNW is made and the detailed airports are converted.

    About weather - everyone here should check out the REX Sky Force website that just got put online. Read about all the tech in their new weather engine which creates incredible accuracy as well as smooth performance on such an outdated flight sim engine.

    It'll be interesting to see what will be possible with weather inside the seemingly limitless AFS2 engine.

    Ah right, maybe it should be renamed to "building quality" to avoid confusion. Besides, what's the need for an autogen slider like in other sims when you have an engine that can take max autogen with phenomenal performance. :)

    In Western USA, Utah, New York City (greater region) and Switzerland areas there are only autogen trees and custom 3D city centres. In Colorado there are autogen buildings around Denver, Aspen and Telluride. The Orbx scenery addons have full autogen.

    If you're not seeing anything, in Settings there is an option for autogen density.

    What I like

    1. Orbx - I've loved their scenery since the original Australian scenery (being Australian myself) and their quality keeps raising. Their scenery in this game makes it a stunning experience

    2. Q400 - Really nicely made and performs beautifully. I love turboprops so this plane suits me well. The detail in it is great.

    3. Autogen/cultivation - The lack of building autogen has been one thing I am greatly missing from other flight sims. Photoscenery by itself just doesn't do it for me. 3D buildings adds a new level of immersion. And the performance is stunning! My 4.6GHz CPU struggles with Prepar3d and X-Plane autogen. IPACS' ability to create a flight sim engine where autogen barely has an impact is incredible and revolutionary.

    What I'm wishing for

    1. Real life dynamic weather - For me it's half the fun flying, being challenged by weather conditions and seeing the beauty of it. I'm currently in high anticipation of the imminent release of REX's Sky Force for P3D.

    2. More navigation devices - Namely FMC, GPS and ATC.

    3. More third parties - Third parties are able to focus on super high quality content, especially when payware. I honestly would have given AFS2 a miss if not for Orbx.