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    Oh that will be the day when AFS2 has weather, especially real life weather. Dynamic weather is half the fun flying. Here's to dreaming REX will invest in AFS2 to speed-up that dream or Jan becomes a human robot and increases coding speed by x10. :P No pressure. :thumbup:

    I still think it would be beneficial if there was a link here from the forum. And a link to the AFS2 home page here as well.

    I don't think of it in that way Kenneth. It would take many hours of work = many hours of pay and technological investments for third-party developers to make content for AFS2, especially since it's a new engine and not the MSFS engine (like with Flight Sim World). I'm sure a number of them are increasingly aware of AFS2 and the endless possibilites and are seeing its attraction. Orbx are just ahead of the game, taking initiative and choosing to invest $$$ into it. They're in it for the long-term and for the greater vision, as are IPACS. With XP11 and FSW as well a number of developers have expressed being open to all platforms.

    Great to see some changes to the King Air. I love the King Air but have felt in AFS2 it lacks a bit in its flight mechanics. And amazing to see you guys continue to improve overall performance.

    We can't share photoimagery due to copyright (except USGS imagery). However in another thread an IPACS developer mentioned the idea of us sharing the files needed to automatically download/generate the aerial images. I'm hoping we can eventually do this along with sharing cultivation, though cultivation itself still has some way to go as the developers have kept saying. Early stages, but great progress.

    Disregard my earlier comment about the sun being a little north. It sets almost exactly west at KLAX. I forgot the precise runway headings while testing. As there's no seasons or calendar I'm assuming the sun path is set for Northern Hemisphere Summer.

    I've noticed in other threads you're doing some scenery creation around Brisbane. I just did a test over Brisbane in AFS2. The sun is rising/setting in the right direction for me. Remember that the time setting in AFS2 is only in UTC (AEST is +10 hours), so when I tested sunset I set it to 7:00 UTC in the game, and it was setting to the west.

    It's just you. Remember when flying in the US West Coast that, unlike at the location in your picture, the sun sets over the sea. ;)

    However, I did notice that the sun's latitude positioning is way off in AFS2. When I gave it a quick test sunset at KLAX, the sun was to the north. It's never to the north in KLAX.

    I've got it working. In another thread TomSimMuc solved a similar issue stating to add a runway object section to the TSC file. Have done that and the cultivation shows. Unfortunately the data in the area I chose is quite poor - only some areas of buildings along the main road and no forests. Time to have a browse around OpenStreetMap!

    This is quite exciting stuff, especially considering how cultivation is in early stages and is relatively easy to achieve along with orthoimagery. Now if only airport design (without extra modelling software) was easy so we could easily build basic airports.

    Keep up the awesome work Aerofly and thank you very much for these video tutorials Rodeo.

    I have followed this tutorial but the cultivation isn't showing. I have a feeling it has to do with the dummy runway. I tried just copying and pasting the tmb file from Honolulu in the Hawaiian pack. As for the tsc, I'm using an already made one with a working airport, so I just added those cultivation lines using Notepad ++. Does the tmb somehow need to be edited to reflect the tsc?