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    One of the other Orbx developers further stated that while Innsbruck was ported over by one of their developers, Mieg's is being ported over by IPACS, and John stated they need to add trees. So now IPACS, how is the Mieg's update coming along? It's been some months.

    Raspou - Virtual Earth is Bing Maps. "Virtual Earth" is its old name. When I used to make ortho-imgaery scenery for my X-Plane 11 I found this out. Vancouver Island is not great. Vancouver-Kelowna-Kamloops is alright but still some annoying clouds. A shame really. Also, I never had a result where Google Earth was more preferrable. Virtual Earth was better for me wherever I downloaded orthoimagery.

    Earlier this year Bing (Virtual Earth) put up higher quality imagery of Vancouver-South Vancouver Island-Kelowna area, but outside of that area it's no good. Easiest way to see what's good and what's not is to go to Bing Maps and zoom right down around the areas you wish to GeoConvert.

    Maybe if there is high success with AFS2 and Orbx's addons for it he might open up to it. Otherwise it's a shame that some countries charge so awfully much. Clouds and season-texture changes in orthoimagery is a bit of a killer. I'd rather landclass than that.

    Maybe we could Kickstart a flight-sim scenery dedicated satellite so we can own our own orthoimagery, hahaha.

    Where's tonywob at? His UK scenery for X-Plane is really great.

    As for ortho-imagery, UK is mostly not too bad, just the occasional cloud and season-difference. It's a shame it's too expensive for Orbx, and especially a shame for Norway. That's the downside to photoreal scenery. Ah well, P3D is still here.

    The FTX Central application automatically downloads updates. When you load it up, there will be a message on the left side stating "Apply FTX Central Update" or something like that. This particular update makes their scenery compatible with P3Dv4.1 and does nothing else. This update has nothing to do with AFS2. However it's always important to let it update and then apply whenever you use it, so everyone who uses FTX Central will need to let it update.

    A shame about that. I won't be Geoconverting as the clouds from raw satellite imagery ruin it for me. Give me Orbx's landclass over that any day. But that's alright, P3D and AFS2 are side-by-side with me.

    IPACS - any news on the Chicago autogen patch? I've asked a few times on the Orbx forums but no response.

    I just did another flight from KPHX to KSLC at FL240. It descended normally, so maybe it was that the profile was too steep. But this time the autothrottle did its job and decelerated whereas on those previous flights the autothrottle didn't pull back far enough. Also the TOD arrow didn't appear until way later when the plane reached the programmed altitude. I knew when to start descent from the "decelerate" message. I did read in another thread about there being such issues with the TOD arrow.

    Thanks for the reply. I do notice when I turn on speedbrakes that the autothrottle increases.

    The flights I have been doing are at FL220, one between KSFO and KLAX and one between KLAX and KPHX. FL220 should be fine for those flights, but I have a feeling the profile is a bit steep. The plane descends at around 1100 fpm but the altitude in the profile drops faster and the plane doesn't catch up to it.

    Hey all,

    I've been starting to learn the A320 based off a tutorial J Van E wrote here. I've been following it well and almost everything is working. However when the plane goes into descent and asks for more drag, I pull down the speedbrakes lever and it doesn't seem to do its job. The plane takes too long to slow, and because of it the plane doesn't descend fast enough and goes off from its vertical path. I am going into descent just before the TOD arrow and that's all working fine.

    Yes yes yes!! This is what will further enhance this sim. It would be amazing if at some stage a cultivation pack with buildings and lights was released for all the current AFS2 scenery packs.

    I've been checking out Flight Sim World and while the clouds are quite nice and somewhat revolutionary for a flight simulator, there are certainly some faults that can in some situations look fake. When you get closer to the clouds I tend to find even with the highest settings that the textures are a bit blurry and there's a lack of clarity. In the picture at the very top of this thread you can see some of that blurriness.

    Good luck to IPACS though for whatever they implement for whichever year they do.

    I do both VFR and IFR equally. At the moment I'm doing more IFR, not so much VFR with Aerofly as the more complete flight sims feel more immersive.

    What Do I Like:

    - 3D city centre scenery, airports, trees

    - Graphics

    - Quality of planes, especially with the latest autopilot update and Q400

    - Orbx! It's actually what persuaded me to get AFS2.

    What Do I Need/Want:

    - Building autogen

    - Real-world weather

    - GPS/FMC

    - ATC

    - Seasons

    - And of course more scenery regions

    Gooseno1 - When you zoom into an area on that site look on the bottom right to see what the source is. It's likely to be either Microsoft (Bing), Google or some government source like USGS (for the US). There are barely any other free original sources out there.

    That site uses imagery from different sources. You can see on the bottom right the copyright details of sources used. I've zoomed into a few places and can see the source when zoomed in to a detailed level tends to be Microsoft - being Bing/Virtual Earth.