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    I'm using TrackIR and in the Cessna 172 it's not possible to move my head past the first window post.

    For instance, when on base, I like to be able to move my head forward so I can look through the side of the windshield and keep a look on the runway. In XP and P3D this is not a problem.

    What can I do to achieve this? Or is this something IPACS should fix?

    Your help is very much appreciated!

    Let's not forget that Aerofly is a sim in development!

    The great thing is that we can help improve this sim by telling the developers what we, the users, think could be better.

    No use to abandon Aerofly and run to Prepar3d; try to be patient! Or use both (or even add X-Plane which is also a great sim) and watch Aerofly mature over time.

    Thanks Jan, for forwarding this to the devolopers. A bit brighter PAPI towards the approach sector with less glow would be great!

    I did some testing to see what the difference would be when adding level 15 to the tmc file.

    Attached are two screen shots flying over Santa Barbara at 1000 ft AGL. The scenery is 0.5 m/pixel downloaded from Virtual Earth. One shot is with max. level 14, the other with level 15 added to the tmc.

    My conclusion is that level 14 shows less detail than level 15. At level 14 the scenery looks to be reduced to 1 m/pixel.

    This means that, in my opinion, it is useless to download large areas in resolutions of 0.5 m/pixel or higher when using max. level 14. Of course you could add level 15 to the tmc, but for large areas that would mean a very long calculation time in GeoConvert and huge file sizes. And GeoConvert would probably run out of memory and crash...

    Thanks for adjusing the PAPI!

    I agree, they look better now, but maybe a little bit too dim now... Now on approach the lines on the runway look brighter than the PAPI.

    I think the PAPI should be a bit brighter.

    In my opinion maybe also the glow could be even a bit less. in general I think that there might be a bit too much glow around lights in Aerofly (e.g. lights on aircraft).

    Thanks for your reply, Rodeo.

    I agree, level 15 takes a very long time to process and results in very large files.

    I'm not sure I understand the levels system correctly. Does level 14 result in Aerofly showing a max resolution of 1m/pixel, even if I'm converting 0,5m/pixel images? If that is the case, is there any benefit in converting 0,5m/pixel instead of 1m/pixel images?

    Hi guys,

    I've downloaded 0.5m/pixel images with FS Earth Tiles (level 0 in FSET). The Aerofly WIKI mentions that level 15 corresponds with roughly 0.5m/pixel.

    Does that mean that I should add an extra entry to the tmc-file for level 15 when I want to convert with Geoconvert? Or is the default tmc-file with levels 9, 11, 12, 13 and 14 sufficient?