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    I have pimax 5k+ and I like them very much. We need pitool color saturation option and foveated rendering to improve. It would be great if FS2 aerofly could allow to run the flight simulator without parallel projections. The performance would be much better.

    I also need more sceneries with better textures, water, traffic...

    I can get over 70 fps in the most demanding scenery with everything maxed out except shadow, so it's very smooth. It will be also fine with weaker CPU and graphic card as the "Brainwarp" smart smoothing is coming very soon.

    Pimax 5K+ is a significant improvement on Occulus Rift and Samsung Odyssey, especially for sims. All the instrument panels are readable with no need to lean forward, plus the big FOV.

    It is especially suited for sims. The only problem is most sims have to struggle to different extent for FPS. But there is one exception. That is Aerofly FS 2! Oh my God that is built for the next generation headset!

    Thank you so much for the work, but it is still too complicated for ordinary users as me. Wish there be simpler ways to improve upon the ORBX cultivation. Or maybe IPACS could give us an update...

    Spring centring is essential for fixed wing aeroplane simulation of aerodynamic force on a joystick or yoke. Motorised smart spring based feedback would be ideal but we have to make do with what we have.

    With the R-22 simulation we could do with much less spring force so using trim to unload the stick is trimming the user to hardware interface and is not removing authenticity from the simulation, it is in fact restoring the natural feel of the helicopter simulation. Increasing stick and pedal sensitivity also drives the control movement range towards the light spring force centre and provides a delicate and yet more positive control input.

    Give trim and increased sensitivity a try. It sort of makes sense and it works well.

    I see. Thanks!

    I don't know why, but I can never make my Pimax work without turning base stations on. It's supposed to work without base stations as others have proved, but in my case it always shows "headset not detected". You also need at least one controller for Aerofly FS 2, as it often starts with the SteamVR dashboard on when you are in the cockpit, so you have to use the controller to turn it off.

    frui With the idea of sitting still and not have to do much moving around while flying, could you test to see if the Pimax can run Aerofly without the tracking base stations? Perhaps just left and right head movements. I believe I will be getting my headset before the knuckles and base station 2 bundles come out. Knowing if I can temporarily avoid controller and base station purchase would help. I suppose anyone with a regular HTC VIVE could test this, but the Pimax might be different??

    I am hesitating about trimming as I think it will make flying R22 less realistic as in reality it does not have this kind of trimming.

    So maybe it would be better we first master it without trimming?

    I just tried this and it really did seem to make take off and hovering a lot more stable.

    It appears Trim is reset ever time you re-locate the aircraft and every time the aircraft resets after crash landing.

    I don't see any Reset Trim option or display to show it's current value (apart from the cyclic visibly moving when trimming.)

    For fixed wing craft, this is no problem as trimming seems safe and easy. The R22 is very sensitive, so it would be nice to paranoid reset trim manually.

    Perhaps FS2's future is tied to the growth of VR? I only fly VR and i too can't put up with VR in any other sim. The Pimax 5k will soon be shipping in volume and though it works fine on FS2 we hear, i'm sure it will grind to a halt on legacy sim architectures. Outside of VR i just don't think the slick experience of FS2 is enoigh to pull people across from other sims in any volume. Fortunately VR growth from 2017 -> 2018 was a substantial % so lets hope that rate continues in 2019. If only IPACS had plans to grow their development capacity to respond.

    I definitely think VR is the savior. Flight simmers are being converted to VR at a much higher rate than general gamers. We must give our opinions of FS2 to the sim community in a more active way.

    No surprise, and no worries. As long as we could get more and better cultivations for the current DLC regions, we can be happy for enough time for Aerofly FS2 to shine bright enough to attract more users and more developers.

    Standard mode is no problem for me, and I'd like to try the real deal. ^^

    Yes I have calibrated both controllers from the Aerofly FS2 setup section.

    This mode takes some practice. It's likely that your problem is that you still need to learn how to fly the R22 in this mode better. We suggest to try flying the R22 in novice mode first to see if it reacts better for you.

    But just in case, make sure that you have your controller calibrated properly and that the axis are centered or closed (depending on the function).

    Thanks a lot for the advice. I will try harder. :)

    I can put my frustration in another way:

    As soon as the heli leaves the ground, it starts to move rapidly, regardless of what amount of cyclic I use. And if I use less collectives, it will not leave the ground.

    So my question becomes: how can I lift the heli off the ground very slowly?

    So I bought a Thrustmaster rudder for R22, but I am still struggling with hovering.

    This is my procedure:

    1. Gently increase collectives. Very gentle indeed.

    2. R22 becomes light and begins to turn to the right.

    3. I apply some left rudder to counter the torq until it stops turning right. Everything is OK at this stage, and R22 has not quite lifted off the ground though it is light and movable now.

    4. I increase more collective. R22 is off the ground a few inches, and it immediately begins to tilt to the right. (Why does it tile to the right? No tutorial seems to indicate this.) I turn the cyclic to the left to compensate for this. And R22 now begins to get out of control. It can move towards any directions. Of course I will try to use the cyclic to counter the movement, but then R22 will move in another direction. I can never let it hover. It's always overcompensation.

    I have watched videos of real R22 take off from Youtube. It's very stable, rising steadily and slowly from the ground, and stay there. No turning to the right, no tilting to the right. I'd really like to achieve this. How can I do it? I mostly want to know how can I do it correctly in step 4, that is immediately after I have lifted off the ground. Looking forward to your advice.