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    OK, so I am frustrated with X52 for controlling R22 with its twist rudder. I need a "real" rudder. I am considering Thrustmaster TFRP rudder:

    Yet I have some doubts. Can Thrustmaster TFRP rudder work together with X52 for Aerofly FS 2? Both are separate USB devices, but it seems Aerofly FS 2 can only detect one USB device in the controller setup option. What happens if there are two USB controller to be used? Your advices are greatly appreciated.

    Seriously looking forward to this.

    Switzerland is where the FS2 dream started. I wish it could be given a complete upgrade. It really needs complete coverage of autogen buildings. With the current cultivation means and OSM data it shouldn't be of much difficulty.

    Thank you all for the guidance. Make great sense to me. Looks like IPACS does take great pains to model the aerodynamics of a real helicopter. In other sims I can land the helicopter more easily, which might be less realistic as I understand now.

    With practice I can now lift up fairly smoothly in Pro mode and start cruising. But landing is another matter. I tried to land very slowly, carefully decreasing collectives little by little, but when I approach a certain height, the helicopter will suddenly increase descending speed automatically, and then everything is out of control...:(

    As for the value of "home-sim'ing it is more complicated. From the early days, simming on a home computer held a value, but only in certain aspects of learning to fly. For IFR procedures, NDB-approaches, ILS's and holds it was great, because you could build an understanding of concepts and developing your instrument scan. For basic flight training, be it fixed wing or rotary it only held very limited value, as the inability to look around, building a "bigger" picture and developing situational awareness just wasn't there. Aircraft performance modelling was rudimentary and while I have always dabbled in home-simming, it was very much on 'n off. Enter Virtual Reality and voila - it's a massive game-changer! With VR, I have become completely proficient in flying a helicopter, through trial and error, and I can confidently state that I would be able to perform basic flight maneuvers in a variety of helicopters, including hovering in confined spaces, vertical referencing and auto-rotations etc. in a "real" helicopter.

    Yes VR is the real game changer for flight sim. It's a pity not many people are truely aware of this. It's not just the view, but much more. Flight sim on traditional monitor and flight sim in VR are two completely different things. VR will greatly push flight sim forward, and flight sim, along with car sim and other sims, will be the vital force to push VR forward.

    I see there is a VOR radio installed. Have you used it? Is it even possible to use it? I just don't have enough hands flying the helicopter. I think it's time for IPACS to consider allowing us to adjust the instruments when paused, as can be done in other flight sims.

    What I have defined for airplanes in the settings menu (trimming buttons) also works for the helicopter.

    It is unfortunately in German. The inner buttons 12, 11, 3 and 4 are from the CH Flight Sim Yoke, the outer buttons 3, 5, 4 and 6 are from the Logitech 3D Pro joystick. They all work also when I fly the helicopter.

    Got it. Thank you so much!

    Well I can easily handle "easy" mode now, but it's a big frustration going toward "pro" mode.

    So I will stay in "easy" mode for now, but I still want to move on to "pro" in the futurem, and I'd really like to know the difference, so that I can be more prepared when I am in "easy" mode.

    Well, I spend some more time with the R22 but I just can't control it. I read the tutorial that was posted elsewhere and it said you have to learn how to hover first. So far I haven't been able to hover at all. As soon as I lose contact with the ground I usually fly backwards. I also have to very precisely control my rudder pedals to avoid turning around but it's almost impossible because the hot spot to prevent turning (in either direction) is extremely small. Just a slight touch of my feet and I spin already. Needless to say it's completely impossible to get into a hover once I started moving. I am beginning to wonder if my hardware is up to it: I know you have to spend hours with this heli before you can control it but what if my hardware is preventing me from learning it ever? (Saitek Combat Rudder pedals and Logitech Extreme 3D Pro.) I seriously wonder why everybody else seems to be flying around happily LOL!

    Everything is setup corretly, yes. I am talking about the Pro mode now though: I don't feel like learning to fly this one in easy mode and then having to start all over again in Pro mode. ;)

    Easy or Pro mode?

    Have you mapped all your axis correctly? I have experienced similar fruistration in easy mode until I found that I have reversed the x axis, and then it's super easy.