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    I have subscribe to their newsletter out of curiosity.

    I have bought AF2 because of ORBX so called ""Project A" (you guys), but ORBX as been way to silent lately.

    I'm sure we won't hear anything before they get their working fine in P3D V4.

    My suggestion, you have enough planes, only an heli is missing.

    Work on some other area and think carefully of which one.

    Work on something else then the USA. It as been done. Austria with it's magical mountain is a good suggestion and close to Switzerland.

    Most area with great mountain is a must.


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    you need to set a rudder trim with your joystick or keyboard! The Q400 as a nasty habit of going left or right, blame it on the engine. At every major change of power the plane will react this way. It's also very sensitive on the up and down trim, like the real one.

    You need to set your joystick with trims on the yaw and elevators. No way out


    Use google translate, I did and it's pretty good

    Overall I think it's very good review.

    I have been simming since day one, I'm 50yo, I own them all (the Sim), I have spent 1000' of $$ in that hobby.

    So i'm not new to this... but I could't care less about my expensive PMDG plane. To complicated for me. I have NO time to learn everything.

    Even after all those years I am still a casual simmer so AF2 suit me perfectly. And yes, I own V4 and use it sometime....

    In real life I am multi IFR certified but I just hate when I have to use it, I always fly VFR, and on top I love the simple 172, why, it's simple and as high wing, perfect for VFR.



    Yes.. great job Jeff!

    It's obvious that this is a small team but what a great one it is.

    I found your product because I'm very active on the ORBX forum, a lot of my video ended up on their product page.

    When JV started up the "Project A" thread It took a wile that he told us that it was about joining AF2. I bought it before their release of LOWI and Megs's and I had a blast.

    If you guys ever need a beta tester :P


    I think that at full price on steam, for the newcomer, it may look a bit steep for a single airport. So the question is, did ORBX sell enough of LOWI & Meg's... ?

    For the hardcore simmer ORBX normal price is.... normal. Some pay 100+ for some aircraft addon.

    JV, the CEO of ORBX also mention that their PNW region scenery would make sense but nothing more.

    The only statement on ORBX forum lately is the one I have posted up here.

    I'm very active on their forum so I will try to keep you up to date.

    We have to be extremely patient with them, they are now working on all their airport to be ported to P3D V4

    I also have posted the ultimate question this morning over there: Is there something next for AF2?


    Not that I need it but being on other forum... people are still asking if they should make the move to AF2.

    A micro region... and let's say 3 plane?

    Just a suggestion to get new customer ;)


    As a big fan of the Majestic Q400 in FSX, I'm flabbergasted about your new plane. I mean it.

    I was a real pilot (private with 2000 hours) but mostly an airplane mechanic for 15 years and I had the chance of siting in the right seat on a Q400, test flight after major overall.

    It was an average day weather wise, but wind where about 15knot, I was impress by the endless floating on landing of the Q400 that day and that the constant ""fighting"" of the pilot at about a 100 feet to keep the plane stable. I just landed at the fixed LOWI with this one and at 100 feet or so I started battling to put her down but not stalling, in my head I said: WOW, those guys did pretty close to the real thing.

    By the way, the Q400 in manual flying need a lot of trimming... again, yours need the same.

    I hope that no one tell you that your simulator is a game....

    On top, LOWI right now with your sim is the beautiful thing I have seen in my life of siming. And all that with FRAP running (filming) at a nice 45 FPS on final.

    Take that as a testimonial, you have pushed the standard of flight simulator with this bird.

    Bravo to all the hard work.... and a Q400 for free!!!!!!!!!!!

    AF2 as became my principal flight simulator

    I wish you all the best guys


    Hello I am French I would want intaller of the repaint I understands(includes) not l instalation of the repaint

    Français: Pose ta question en Français, je vais te la traduire.

    English: Ask your question in French, I will translate it.

    I'm fully bilingual (FR/EN), if sometime i can be of any help :)