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    So I've been creating scenery recently of the south of England in HD resolution and have been enjoying flying in this part of the world.

    ...then something struck me, sure the lightning is a great WW2 aircraft to fly, but something is missing here.

    Dear IPACS

    This would make a long time flight simmer very happy.

    To see and fly a Spitfire (any variant will do!) in VR would be THE ultimate dream for any prop head.

    As my thread title suggests, a flight of fantasy perhaps and no demands on your modelers and programmers, but to see this beauty realized in your sim would be a dream come true.

    Hi RB

    Yep it's frustrating not really understanding scenery area transitions.
    Do what I do for now, grab island scenery, that way everything is self contained in a smaller area.

    Hi guys.

    I've been grabbing tiles from Virtual Earth of the UK and Ireland at level 3, 4 metres/pixel, but in the process have discovered a large area of North East Scotland completely missing imagery from 0 to level 5, I've used Google Earth server to fill in those gaps, but there's still quite a lot of data missing. I know that Google Maps has the missing data available.

    My question to any guys here with the knowledge, is there some way to link FSET with Google Maps or any other mapping servers to process that missing data?

    Would you give me the coordinates of the scenery? Im from holland and dont know much about australia and its beauty.

    Did you use the cashe option in fset?? I have 32 gig ram so that shoul not be a problem then.


    Hi Jozef

    Unfortunately I deleted the coordinates of the area I processed but I can give you the approximate location coordinates of Wilpena Pound, in FSET, once you zoom in on the area you can't miss it.

    Lat 31 33 33.23 S

    Long 138 34 23.65 E

    I don't use FSET Cache.

    Ok thanks! How do you process such a large area? I did some 60 Gb area recently and geoconvert crashed multiple times.

    Do you produce adjacent areas or areas that slightly overlap? I presume you did not create this scenery in one geoconvert session did you?

    Thanks in advance

    Yes one session. The area weighed in around 20 Gig and processed overnight.

    I also processed a 60 Gig file of my local area, it almost took 2 days! but completed intact. 16 Gig RAM helps.

    I've also had my fair share of crashes, the Western Australia scenery in particular which was also about 20 Gig, the tool crashed on me when compiling at level13 funnily enough the converted files still work fine in the sim with no problems.

    Overlapping areas really cause problems for me, there's a clash with areas competing with each other, black stripes, low resolution textures etc.

    Hopefully IPACS has a patch in the works for seamless blending.

    Hi Jozef Thanks!

    I used Virtual Earth, I find VE has consistently better quality photography over larger areas, I use Google Earth if the area I'm working on in VE has too much cloud cover.

    I've been using 1m/pixel for all my sceneries so far with GeoConvert set at 14.

    My latest travels.

    Bungle Bungles, Western Australia.

    Isles of Scilly.

    Jewels of the Aegean, The Greek Islands.

    Hi Jeff, Thanks and thanks for the Wiki!

    Yes it took a good full day to really figure it all out, lots of trial and error, first time I've worked with FSET and Geoconvert but in the end very happy with the results.

    I'd also like to thank Spit40 (Phil) for his FSET TMC file creator, it helped a lot in the process.

    Hi guys, whoo hoo! my first post, just wanted to thank IPACS for an amazing sim and for providing us with your fantastic geoconvert tool!

    This is my neck of the woods. Port Lincoln South Australia, land of the Great White Shark.