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    Hello All.

    As yet I don't have the VR glasses. Xmas coming along and I'm dropping hints to the family. Anyway, am I still safe to buy scenery and fly without VR?

    I really 'love' the setup in AFS2 that's why I fly it so often but I'm just concerned that seeing it the way people do, through those glasses it may change visually now, if you aren't wearing them.

    The older contingent, that is the very old contingent will recall when 3D made it's first appearance and you needed those red/green cardboard glasses perched on the end of the nose, viewing was near impossible without them.

    So can I safely buy the scenery without VR and still get good quality.


    Being a pensioner, and a long time one too, money, we have found doesn't grow on trees. Which brings me to this thought and would like to see what other members think. (I should mention the younger brigade too where mum and dad can struggle with feeding their whanau (children) let alone buying expensive hardware for a sim.

    So could you start a 2nd hand folder within. Companies whether new or those who have been around for sometime, are always improving their hardware, in this case the VR. Some like to keep up with the latest buying it fairly quickly, others wait longer. What happens to those old VR glasses. My thought was perhaps they could be advertised on this forum that they have one for sale.

    As I mentioned, just a thought. Any comments?

    Regards, Taranaki/Jim

    Dear Kenneth.

    Thank you so very much, I have noticed over the time you are forever the gentleman. Actually Kenneth I have a married son Living in Ottawa. He has been there 15 yrs and loves it.

    Been told to swing my legs up and get into bed proper by the nurse so must close rather hurriedly.

    Thank you again kind sir.


    Thank you J Van E.

    I tried that a number of times today without luck but I do thank you for taking the time to reply to me. Very much appreciated indeed.

    I have managed to recall, that last time this happened to me I think it was Jeff told me to use integretity. I'm sure that was the word. It worked great but I just cannot think what I did.

    TO JEFF OR ANY OTHER: Can you repeat how to complete that integrety action please.


    Hello All.

    Sometime ago I had a problem that when I started the sim, next day (or whenever), after setting a flight and went to begin, I didn't get what I had set the sim up for. Instead, I found myself in the air over some airport. I received some great advice on how to fix the problem from one of the kind mods and it did too, but I have forgotten what he said and cannot find any report on it within this forum.

    I think it may be integretity clean, but if so how to go about it.

    If someone can remind me what to do I'd be very thankful.


    As this appears to be fairly general, I'll pop a question in here if it's ok.

    I have absolutely no idea on computers, computing code (hell that's like looking into a can of spaggeti to me). So to my question...

    Why, as everyone is saying, that the end of FSX is close. What is the reason? could it still be played?

    I would appreciate any reply on this as I would like to expand my limited knowledge.

    Thanks and regards to all, really pleased about the addition to our sim.


    Captain Enjoy.

    Sorry, but I cannot agree with you on the scenery being boring, although I agree that being able to fly with someone else would be a great addition.

    Boring, no. There is so much to dig out in amongst the scenery eg airports/airfields. Go through the net or other persons posts and look for all the above. There's just so much to do. Mind you if you are a tube flyer then I suppose it would be boring IMHO, and of course it depends too what you have bought eg Innsruck LOWI, there's just so much contained in there.


    Great link Antigoon.

    I'd like to save this tutorial but it saves in HTML and it's unreadable when I open it.

    As I'm not computer savvy in any way shape or form, can you suggest how to save the article so it will be readable at a later date.