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    Hello All.

    All these wonderful posts must make great reading and give the staff involved at IPACS and Orbx so much drive and confidence. Hopefully the prices may drop a little for the VR goggles, especially for those in the lower income bracket, so they are available for everyone.

    Excellent reading everyone and I must say I am truly pleased to have followed this line, in a very satisfying hobby.

    I also want to take time to applaud a couple of unnamed individuals who have worked their butts off and still find time to keep us not only informed as to what's going on behind the scenes but also assist so many of us.

    Thank you all.


    Great, thank you guys. I must have been getting a little tired last night when I wrote that, as I read it again this morning and thought "what a absolute dumb question" of course they wouldn't react with IPACS/Orbx otherwise you wouldn't post them.

    Sorry gentlemen, I'll go off and give myself an uppercut.

    Jim. Taranakian.

    Hello All.

    I took time today to check out the downloads that some very fine and talented modders have put up for

    our use. Beautiful they are too.

    But I'm afraid I'm a bit concerned (old age?), when it comes to downloading by other than the side I have run with from the start.

    But then again, those free downloads look extremely tasty too.

    If someone could answer a question for me in may give me the my missing confidence.

    Will any of them interfere or could, with Orbx/IPACS scenery or any part of an already fantastic Sim.

    Taranakian (Jim)

    I must say the articles written by Savannah, Hiflyer, Fuitare and EdmundV were very well written IMHO. How refreshing to see genuine and obtainable, extra's to be added, even the sound of landing as one wrote. I like the enthusiasm shown by the newer members and the modders, Orbx and IPACS must of had the very best of New Year presents when they read those posts.

    I always enthuse every time I see a new Orbx scenery.

    Under the guidance of a very clever and innovated commander like JV this beautiful Sim will live on for a very long time.

    It is now my Sim of choice after FSX.

    Regards to all.

    Taranakian (Jim)

    Hello All.

    I did ask this on FSX as well but the setting for this fine sim will be different.

    My family swooshed all the moths out of their wallets:* and bought me a Saitech X52 controller (not the pro). The box arrived and the X52 was inside. Cripes in the old days if you bought something you got a manual and some

    idea on how to set it up. Not this.

    If you have one of these would you mind informing me what buttons went where (program it) and let me know how you programmed it.

    I would be extremely grateful for any help. Just e-mail me, my address is below. e-mail:

    Thank you IPAC,s for making the latter half of 2017 worth waiting for. You have a wonderful product at your finger tips. Add in what JV of Orbx fame said just lately and AFS2 in my opinion is the flight Sim to have for the future.

    IPAC's add the right qualities to it, which makes it the gem it is.

    Bring on 2018. Can I also give a big thank you to Jeff who keeps us informed and up to date.

    All the best for this festive season, then guys, I'm afraid to say, the work really begins.



    Hello and thank you for your very helpful reply. Yes, Orbx Direct sorry (there's that many names floating about these days this old fella gets bloody confused). However you say it's easy, I've always been to scared to touch the uninstall/install in Orbx Direct, but I'll have a go and make doubly sure it's the AFS2 blue button I hit.

    I am very grateful for your help as I shot into FSX? and had a look at Monterey and it's really beautiful.

    Thanks again, Regards. Jim

    Hello all.

    I don't want to ask for help tomorrow, or the following day as Santa makes his run through both hemisphere's.

    I have a problem. I purchased Monterey Field a few days ago, then installed it. I flew twice and thought this can't be right. Lack of colour, trees etc it looked like the default. Checked Youtube and came across one posted a few days ago. Brilliant, colourful and lots of trees.

    I've obviously done something wrong in the download or such. I double checked I had it installed under AFS2, yes it was in it's folder.

    Now that's about as far as my knowledge goes on checking for problems. Screen set for 1920 x 1080, what have I not done??

    Sorry about this, could someone please help this old foggie. Bought through FSX.


    Hi AOB.

    Best wishes to you and yours for Xmas and the upcoming 2018.

    Nope you just answered the question for me. As I mentioned, I had a fleeting look at the USA map last night on the computer screen.

    I am one of the poorer downloaders in the business as once it's finished downloading I'm lucky if it installed in the right place, so I wondered whether it was a 'oh no not again' moment for me or in fact it wasn't clearly shown and you went and found it like the LOWI before it.

    So all answered. Thanks.


    Hello All,

    I have purchased the new Monterey Field and looking forward to enjoying it. Actually, tonight I was going to do just that except I was tapped on

    the shoulder and told to vamoose out of my room so the grandson could go to bed. Put's you off Xmas and rellies visiting.:cursing:

    Anyway, I saw just enough of the USA map to notice it's not highlighted, is it me or is it like that on everyone else's computer. Better to know now in case I made a mistake in downloading.

    At any rate reading JV's summary on what's happening next year, over on Orbx, it looks like AFS2 is in for a lot of fun next year. Great.

    Have a beaut Xmas guys and gals, and get ready for the fun soon to happen on here in 2018.


    There is certainly a lot of food for thought for you Kenneth. I tend to side with Jan on everything he points out. Remembering of course the more people who reply the more complicated you will get as some have trouble with VR others don't.

    I bought off the shelf this time as prior to this I had one made up. It was interesting as it drew a number of differing views, some commented this card was better than that and so it went on.

    Being completely honest with you, we couldn't really afford a top of the pops computer but I'm glad I did go that direction as every month something new and better comes out. For me SSD, a big, really big hard drive ( which I couldn't get at that time), the best graphic's card available (N'Videa) for me, but do your homework first. Big cooling fan, latest USB ports and although you say it now, cover yourself and get a VR compatible.

    Not knowing much about computers I decided to go for a gaming machine, crossed my fingers and hoped. So far so good I havn't regretted going for the best at that time. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on this forum, listen to them all.

    Best of luck, hope it all works out for you.


    I'm sorry, but took ill yesterday, which often happens unfortunately and didn't show my thanks to the IPAC's Company, drhotwing1 and Jeff. Colorado is simply awesome and was desperately needed, to make it buckshee is amazing. Thank you drhotwings1 and Jeff you are always there for us when we want help. We really appreciate your time and expert opinion.




    You must have an extremely slow IP or whatever. Anyway, download the free downloader called 'flashget', if your download drops out 'flashget' will pick it up from where you lost the download.

    There are others out there but this is the one I have always used.

    What would concern me though is the length of time it's taking to download. Do you have an older computer maybe, as the time it's taking is ridiculous. Okay I have a fairly new computer with SSD and it took no longer than 10 minutes to download the lot. You should really look into this.