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    Hello All.

    I am extremely keen on Aerofly FS2. The future looks very bright.

    However, When I bought my new computer recently it said that it's VR ready. What does this mean?

    After reading all the posts there was no doubt in my mind that I just had to get VR, and have read every post on the subject since. I am

    not in a position to get it now but hopefully in 2018. Am I right in believing that you don't need a monitor? if this is right it's truly unbelievable.

    So to sum up. 1. what does VR ready on a computer mean?

    2. do you require a monitor to run in VR.

    Thank you in advance for your reply. I'm just trying to understand the basic's at this stage.

    Jim Taranakian.

    I know that some of us, maybe more, from down-under,sympathise with you in the UK and Norway. We too would love to see more scenery/Airports for the whole Country.

    All I can say is good luck, we are on your side, hoping, hoping and hoping.

    Jim (All Blacks, world champions).

    Hello All.

    I am completely confused. I did post in Orbx as well and as there was no replies and it's hit the hay time here in NZ, I

    thought I'd catch the Europeans during your day time, and hopefully have a reply when I get up in the morning.

    Anyway, one person commented today when releasing officially OF2 this is for everybody but I read elsewhere where it's only

    for P3D v4 owners.

    Could someone please clarify the situation as I'm not the brightest spoon in the draw. I have Aerofly SE. I do not own anything extra.

    My scenery is only Orbx. Is this Direct v3.2.3.0 for me to install or not.

    With thanks for any replies.


    Dear Olderndirt.

    Very sorry indeed. But I cannot find your clear directions. This is my fault, I had trouble following

    a compass when seconded to the Army back in the early 60's.

    Would you mind another attempt. I'd really appreciate it.



    Bang on Phil. Used the default aircraft (GA) and everything worked as it should and always has. Question now is why. I'll keep an eye on it then if it continues will have to report it as there's more than me. Thank you for your reply too Phil.

    HiFlyer, thank you as well. Excellent advice and I've noted it in a book that I keep for just these questions. I've certainly learnt something new.

    Thanks again guys, really appreciated.


    Thanks HiFlyer. I'm afraid I have no idea how to do that. If you would'nt mind explaining what you mean and how to do it, i'd be extremely grateful and that would be something else I can put into the memory/knowledge part of the grey matter.



    Hello Again.

    With Switzerland being available at a very cheap price, is it a concern that there could be a clash of scenery airports, between Switzerland and Innsbruck (LOWI).


    Hello All.

    I was hoping to find the answer myself but can't, as I know this question was asked just after this excellent sim became available.

    For some reason I'm having this problem. I go through the flight plan, location and navigation after selecting an aircraft then go to fly

    and all I get is bit's of an aircraft which is about 300ft in the air, coming to land in a paddock. By this time only the undercarriage is showing

    and tiny parts of the wings (GA aircraft) before it crashes into the field. I've tried all different ways of closing down but it always starts the same.

    Could someone please dig me out of this hole. Thanks


    Hello All.

    I am using Aerofy FS2 SE. Apparently there was an update issued 6th of October called 'taxing to gate' which had a lot of fix's contained.

    Is this update installed automatically, or does the owner need to installed it. If it's the latter, where can I find it please.

    Many thanks, and great news about Colorado coming soon.

    Taranakian, Jim.


    I feel terrible saying this. No trouble following your instructions but not the EA4.80. I got a couple of mates to check me, Unfortunately it's just not showing. Don't know what to do now except take that it has been installed.

    Thank you for your help.


    Hello All.

    Can someone please tell me, how can I check whether I downloaded the large update that's been mentioned about the Q400. Unfortunately through

    an incident within my job, I have lost some memory bank so I try to write information down, but this question I have no idea on.

    Any help would be great.




    I agree with your comments. I too would like a video to actually watch it in motion. I would rather the Q400.

    Someone, someday will make the video, however in the meantime the Wiki tutorial is great to read, and remember.