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    Robin Corn has health and some other personal issues atm.

    I know he will make time for AFS2 when able.

    At the very least, he has done much work in older sims for the area, which surely could help the present effort in some way.

    Anyhow, this is all GREAT news.

    I would agree with an earlier post that Queenstown would make an excellent companion for Christchurch, just down the road and wonderful VFR environment.

    Apologies if this has been discussed, I have been away for a while.

    In the sim startup there is a page showing what addons I have NOT installed.

    Could this be amended to show what IS installed?

    I have forgotten what Is available in my sim!

    Thank you - without that pointer I would not have found the manual.

    For information of others:

    You go to the relevant product page in Steam, then scroll down about 80% to the end.

    It is indeed there as Jan points out, in the RH column, buried among a list of other items.

    It would be simpler if it downloaded and announced itself as an executable from the WIN Start menu, the way most manuals are.

    I find profil mode in fact easier in VR!

    I rate this aircraft in VR surely one of the best flightsimming experiences ever.

    The low-res environment of the Rift is quickly overcome by the situational awareness you gain.

    Downside is it's also the first time I've experienced motion sickness in a simulator, after a spell of active antics in it...

    Thank you Toriy and HerveF for the replies!

    Encouraging that it is not just me, now to figure out what I put where...


    ...which turned up in an earlier install

    \Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery\places\CH\LSGB

    and problem solved!

    Maybe this will help someone else in future...

    Hi, for ORBX, just registing on and install FTX central, for, as said Tomfa, just register and follow the instructions off the differents addon.

    I took the plunge, and that was pretty painless!

    Thank you!

    And thanks Tomfa also, I missed your original post.

    Now I have an issue with Saanen from ORBX:

    I am assuming one of the US cultivations I installed would be intruding?

    I find the Aerofly folder structure difficult to follow, so have no idea where this might be coming from.

    Would be glad of any advice.

    Thank you for having a look.

    It most definitely worked before, must have gotten broken in an update.

    It is a most annoying thing to have had this facility, and then find it gone, as it makes framing a screenshot a pleasure instead of a pain!

    I've mentioned this before: one of the best advertisements a dev can have, is exposure to the wider community by the user group.

    And a really good way of doing this?

    A great screenshot, and a bit of discussion around it.

    As one who does drop AFS2 screens on other forums, I had thought IPACS might not actively discourage this by ignoring a forum plea for help.

    I accept that IPACS has priorities in developing the sim, and I accept that making a decent set of photo roaming tools might not be highest on the list of to-do's.

    But breaking the sim and then ignoring feedback is a little discouraging, chaps.

    Has anyone else lost the "S" and "W" forward and back motion keys in aircraft lock mode??

    Mine works in free roaming mode only at present.

    Last try, surely I am not the only person on the block who uses this??

    Has anyone else lost the "S" and "W" forward and back motion keys in aircraft lock mode??

    Mine works in free roaming mode only at present.

    I do love these Real vs Sim comparisons.

    If nothing else, it forces one to examine the settings you use in the sim, once you see they are not as realistic as you thought!

    Visibility is top of that list... here are the numbers for your easy reference:

    A person standing on the surface can see about 5km, due to curvature of the earth.

    At 1000 m, theoretically you could see a surface object over 100km away.

    But atmospherics interfere and you will not ever see those pinsharp images you can set in most sims.

    40km is a realistic number when looking through the atmosphere at surface scenery on a "clear" day.

    Of course, if your eyes are turned to the heavens this improves; the dense part of the atmosphere is only ~16km thick, and on a clear night one should not have too much trouble clearly seeing the Andromeda Galaxy at 2.5 million light years. :)

    So it's back to plan A, a big chunk of photoscenery surrounding the airport (6,000sq km in the case of NZCH) and hope that it is enough to make it a saleable product.

    I'd favour that approach.

    ORBX went the other way with TE Netherlands, a whole PR country but limited airport detail.

    It's beautiful, but in the end your closest look is the airport.

    For me the best MSFS RealNZ scenery was Marlborough, with lovely scenery between several interesting airports.