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    ^^ ... and a whole lot of other things we'd love.

    But losing the replay bar would add to the advertisement value of the sim when we make nice videos and put them on the interwebs!

    Mouse hover to find it again, would be ideal.

    I kept this although there isn't all that much "artistic" value... just felt like a planespotter's lucky afternoon somewhere in the Dutch countryside.

    Wish we could lose the playback banner, though.

    Back to screenshots:

    If you pause the sim and then start the Developer Camera locked to the plane, you have instantly created a new tower view for yourself!

    You can move it around during replay too.

    Gives some cool angles.

    **One more request to the team:

    To make lovely videos, it's generally easier to do it in replay.

    Could you make the progress bar fade out after a second or two?

    It's a pain and ruins the clip.

    One would bring it back with a mouse hover maybe.

    How could Windows affect what the server is doing?

    I blame everything on WIN10 updates :) eventually the problems go away by themselves.

    What are the servers running on I wonder? It's strange that there's a concurrent server issue if that is the problem.

    I have noticed a ripple in the internet-attached devices we find all round us: my Smart TV forgot who I was, and I had to log in afresh on all streamed services.

    Much to commend in the ORBX Dutch countryside...



    I was impressed with the style and variety of buildings modelled.

    As a test, I thought of a landmark.

    Rijksmuseum perhaps? Too obvious.

    How about the van Gogh? Pleased to say, there it was...

    OK you wags, I have figured out what happened:

    Following J van E's startling discovery of pressing the "L" key in Developer Camera mode, I thought I'd cover off all the possibilities of other "Undocumented Features" by pressing everything just to see.

    On a QWERTY keyboard, you know where that starts :)

    Oh, and nothing less than JS Bach would do, over Switzerland perhaps Brandenburg III

    As the title suggests...

    Recently there was a Steam update, followed by a WIN10 update.

    Don't know if this has bearing, other apps sound fine.

    Did I switch something off in AFS2?

    Any suggestions welcomed.

    Exhaustive coverage thanks, and exhausting to think of the time that went into making that scenery!

    Screenshots can't really show the sim handling light, well captured here.

    I tend to make the cumulus go high and few however :)

    What a sim setup you have.