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    Not to harp too much on the topic...

    I went back to the Helgoland release posts on the Aerosoft forum, where it seemed to intimate that addon scenery will be installed to the root drive, because the simulator demands it.

    I won't (can't) redirect my personal folders as a fix.

    If addon scenery cannot be pointed to a folder of my choice, I fear I will not buy it.

    If it is inherent in the sim, I fear I will bid it adieu.

    This needs to be addressed before too long.

    Thanks for posting Sascha, looks fantastic, just what AFS2 is built for!

    At this early stage: I'd echo the sentiment on Steam availability, or at very least, the ability to install to something other than root drive.

    .. it's so unstable in comparison to fixed-wing planes. I actually can fly it over a certain distance, but hovering and notably landing is quite hard.

    Add the fact that most of us (including me) don't have helicopter-specific hardware like collective and have to rely on poor substitutes.:(

    It is unstable and so you have to pay attention to the flying all the time.

    I fly them with a twist-grip joystick, with throttle lever as collective, with no problem.

    The best flying experience is a midsize helo with autopilot, preferably autohover too.

    In the MSFS world, that was the ICARO AW139.

    You do the interesting (manual) stuff while around the heliport, then set course and fly to destinations further afield.

    It is a genuine alternative to small GA flying, with many bonus features!

    From the earliest days of flight simulators, I was amazed at the talent that came to the party.

    The spirit is alive and well, goodonya Phil.


    As another screenshotist (is that a word?) the fixed position "cameras" are of no worth to me.

    I'd like 3 base positions, all of which can be moused (<Shift> Leftclick and drag for example, and so on) to move away, and scrolled to zoom. These are:

    1. VC (Default in pilot seat)

    2. External (Default Anywhere within 30m)

    3. Tower (to replay those beautiful landings).

    You'd need a hotkey to make it remember your favourite spot in 1. and 2. for next time in that plane, and a reset hotkey (for each view) when you can't figure out where you've zipped off to :).

    I do like the fact that tower view is attached to the local tower, so you don't get stuck looking at a plane 10,000km away.

    ***Equally important would be the ability to slew the aircraft to any chosen position, not just predetermined points and orientations.***

    I've gotten so used to these facilities over 20 years, it feels like something is badly missing if they're not there!

    Clear enough... thank you for the quick reply.

    Ray: OK so that confirms what was discussed on the Aerosoft Forum, now they need to update the installer to actual V1.01.

    I must say I do regret having bought direct from a vendor and will patiently wait in future for the Steam release!

    Yes thanks indeed for the ongoing work - fantastic to have such a dynamic developer!

    That interaction and live tweaking is possibly the best feature of this sim, never mind its other mindblowing attributes.

    Well done guys.

    Jeff, I asked this on the Aerosoft Forum but I'll ask again here:

    Digging around my D:| drive I find that Steam has put stuff into

    D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator\addons\scenery

    My Steam-purchased ORBX sceneries reside here.

    My question is:

    If Aerosoft's installer for Helgoland allows, can I point the install here?

    If I need to modify the main.mcf file to permit this, would future IPACS Steam updates overwrite the entry?

    Would this affect future Steam scenery installations?