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    It's immediately apparent when you open AFS2, that there is no bottleneck due to overloading of one or another subsystem.
    Coming from the legacy sims, I was immediately struck by the fluidity of the experience.
    I am curious as to what will eventually bring performance to its knees: High-res textures? Too many artifacts? Planes? Systems complexity?
    Even though I have an almost-bleeding-edge computer there must be some limitation ultimately.

    It's the situational awareness VR brings, that totally clinches it for me.
    If there were a helicopter available in the sim, I would vanish from the World Out There for days at a stretch :)

    Yes I managed to work out that the throttle axis on my Saitek stick was operating the glider spoiler.
    All well and good, but I don't have any other axis open for say, an F-15.
    The airbrake should extend all the way, or not at all, so a toggle field would be most welcome.

    As the title suggests, the Settings field for extending the airbrake is there, but none for retraction.
    However this means you have to keep pushing the "extend" button to keep it open.
    Perhaps a toggle would work, but a separate retract would make a nice update.

    Oh, and for us Hot Dogs... a bitta smoke effect in the Pitts would be great :) I know you have thought about it!

    I have to rest my face muscles every half hour... :)
    It brings situational awareness to the simulated world for the first time; I cannot wait to try a helicopter!
    Also, the sense of scale - hard to describe, but on the ground the F-18 in spot view gives me exactly the walkaround feeling I get at an airshow.

    Well, I'd say 'slightly sharper' because things never are 'very sharp' using the Rift. ;)

    I have the Rift on loan, so have no yardstick to compare.
    Things certainly are not as sharp as my 2D 2056x1600 screen, despite the alleged 2160 x 1200 claimed by Oculus!

    But for now, I am blown away by the VR experience.
    I am here because of it.
    Can life ever go back to flatscreen?? :)

    Thanks for that, Jeff.
    I just tried the F-18 down some Swiss valleys and it is superb.
    The cockpit truly is Virtually Real - scratches and worn paint!? :cool:
    Looking forward to further developments, great job so far.

    I looked at AFS2 with an Oculus Rift and it is astonishing to fly in VR once you get into it.
    I thought the resolution a little low - normally I run at 2560x1600 .
    But when I start Steam and run AFS2 as an Oculus "other" app, it goes to a smaller split window.

    Is there a way to go to a higher resolution?

    Also, is there support for the Oculus controllers?
    I'd love to be able to get my hands on the F-15 stick and throttles :)