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    I have your specs and can max most settings and get smooth playback. I'd check a couple of mentioned above, make sure you don't have other software running in the background or at startup that might be clogging performance (check config.sys, try a clean startup).

    Is this a VR flight? If so which brand? Things like Asynchronous Reprojection (Vive) settings can cause stutter. Try setting back to factory defaults. Google VR Jutter / Stutter for a lot of suggestions.

    Check your BIOS and make sure you have the right optimized settings. A power glitch can sometimes change things. I had an issue once with memory running the wrong clock speed that caused stuttering. If you're overclocked, try stock speeds.

    Sounds like your Steam settings changed. Check that your hard drive is still correctly listed as your game drive.

    I had a similar issued a few months ago... all my games said “install” instead of “play.” Somehow, Steam switched hard drives and couldn’t find anything. Once I changed it back, everything worked.

    Not sure what is happening but ever since upgrading, on occasion, my joystick, keyboard, and throttle just stop working. It's like they shut off and I have no control over anything. Can't 'esc' from game, can't steer (joystick doesn't move on screen), no throttle control. Mouse does work but only for a few dash controls. Can't change flaps, throttle with it.

    Have to CTRL+ALT+DEL and force close app, restart then everything returns to normal.

    Thinking this is a bug??

    Trying to get auto thrust working on the A320 but not having any luck. I set my speed, push the autothrust button, it turns green but nothing changes. After a few seconds, the display clears to "- - - -" and my speed doesn't change.

    Read through the tutorial but must be missing something. Any tips?

    If that happens on the Vive its caused by Aerofly, if a single frame is taking longer than a certain threshold. Please try to do the same in an outside view, does it happen there as well? If not it is probably caused by the mirror reflection that is rendered from time to time.

    We should actually disable mirror reflections, especially in VR mode, as they do cause a stuttering in most cases.

    Thanks. How do I disable mirror reflections?

    Love Aerofly FS2...visually one of the best flight sims out there. But trying to solve a distracting glitch that seems to occur every time I land after a longer flight.

    Here's the scenario: I create a flight plan from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Take off from Vegas on an F-18, full throttle to Los Angeles (fun!)...follow the flight plan and arrive in Los Angeles in about 15 minutes. As I'm starting the decent, my HTC Vive starts to flash to the "lobby"-- Aerofly fades out for a second and I see the Vive grid. Aerofly comes back, continues for a minute or two then, another flash or two. After a few more minutes, the flashing stops and things look normal as I land.

    My System: Intel i7 7700K OC'd to 4.8 Ghz, 1080 Ti OC edition, 32GB RAM, Gigabyte 170 UD3 motherboard, SanDisk 980GB SSD. Have tried with OC on and off, no difference. I don't see this issue with other VR games, only Aerofly. I also have FlyInside for FSX and P3D and both work well on even longer flights.

    The behavior only seems to happen during a planned landing. If I fly around LA or Vegas and land, no flash.

    Other forums have suggested the graphics settings are too high but I turned them to low and get the same behavior.

    Any suggestions?