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    Heliports are only shown in FS4 if I have selected a helicopter as the aircraft

    I tried that, but the heliport shows on the map, but not in the scenery

    To suppress FS4's own buildings and plants, you have to use Tamaras - works great.

    Sorry for my ignorance, but what is 'Tamaras'?

    Try this one:

    - rename the tap-dates to lpsc01.tap (this ICAO code is not assigned)

    - change the ICAO code in lpsc01.tap from LPSC to LPSC01

    - also enter a short name (FS4 always displays the short name)

    I will try that, and all your other suggestions.

    Thanks a lot for the patience to write all this detailed help


    I'm having some small issues with the small airfields i'm creating


    The center of this airfield on the map is a bit to the right of the proper airfield. I tried to change the ‘model_center’ value manually in the TAP file, but it doesn’t change, on the map

    Plus, the helipad is not showing inside the sim


    In this airfield, I added some parking spots, but in the Location menu of the sim, when selecting one of this parking spots, I don’t get the options for ‘ready for taxi’, ‘before engine’ start and ‘cold and dark’ on the side panel

    Also, there are some buildings belonging to the airfield that I added, but those buildings are already present on the cultivation, so I have buildings overlapping. Is there any way to exclude those cultivation buildings, and replace them with the ones I placed?


    This one is a small dirt airstrip. The problem is it’s not showing on the sim at all

    Here are the TAP files:

    LPSC.tap.txt lpsr.tap.txt LP0048.tap.txt

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot


    I've been using the airport creation tool, and it seem very good. I was just having an issue with it duplicating several times the apron I draw. I don't know if it is a bug, or my mistake. I exported the tap file, edited it to remove the duplicates, and then deleted the airport and imported the file, and it solve the problem.

    This made me think it would be very nice to have a side pane with a list of all the objects in our scene (a kind of an Outliner, as seen in Blender or Maya, for example), where we could select or delete any object


    Thank you for your answer, but I'm still missing something. If I put the Magnetos in the M1 position, the propeller rotates a bit, about 30 to 40 degrees clockwise, but nothing more, even if I wait some time.

    As for the rolling, I thought about that, but the rolling should be in the direction of some inclination of the ground, but it always goes back, no matter where I start (tried several airports already).

    Also, what is this for?

    Thanks once more.


    Can someone please help me with this two questions about the Fokker?

    1 - How can we start the plane, from a cold and dark state? I'm missing something here, because I can't find no way to start the engine...

    2 - Is it normal that, when i start in a cold and dark state, on any ramp (at least in the ones I tried), the plane starts to move backwards slowly? I thought it could be the wind, so I turned the wind and turbulence to the minimum, and the plane continues moving backwards, at the same slow speed. Am I doing something wrong, or is it a bug?

    Thanks for the help


    Today I had this strange bug with a cloud. Anyone else having this problem?

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    Better and more varied weather, with rain and storms is one of my main wishes for Aerofly FS4, and one thing that would make me use this sim a lot more (even without good weather, I still use it a lot, though)

    Yes, I've noticed this also...

    And it happens on the lower screen also:

    And I saw this on another plane, just can't remember if it was the 777 or the A380, and now I can't reproduce it...

    I always prepare my flight for the A320 with the "flight plan maker" of Aerofly. Create a screenshot of it. Delete the flight plan. Start from Cold & Dark location.

    The screenshot + the cheats, I program the MCDU without airport charts.

    I will try to do that