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    what a busy place, you guys will set a benchmark for user power, ipacs will recognize that and involve you more, backstage.

    2 things i would like to mention:

    use KBay as test bed. Pack as many objects into it as you can. Lets find ipacs' edge, trigger the limits. No scare.

    Second: as some of you have owned products like FSX, you will find all required 3D models floating around on the web.

    just a matter of converting data formats i guess.

    knock on those legacies' modellers' doors and suck 'em into the world of aerofly. Wake them up.

    i use a pc with a logitech G940 mouse. so i dont bother too much about apple or mobile😁.

    i would like moving the mouse around without pressing anyhing for a free lookaround,

    same time i want zoom in and out really fast with the scroll wheel.

    there is no better and faster way for me to gather a situational awareness.

    It feels free, unblocked, most intuitive, and i can do this left or right hand.

    view has top priority. not negotiable for my taste

    now, where you want to start thinking of shifts, alts etc. is when you want to turn knobs on or off, rotate wheels (trim, alt/hdg/speed settings).

    you want to freeze the view of course for that purpose.

    all you guys need to figure out: which key should be assigned for the freeview vs. operate panel toggle.

    all for sure it should not happen on the mouse, neither by your right hand side, if that is your dominant hand.

    tricky challenge, i already see good ideas coming from all sides. just not yet the bright one.

    i have to experiment myself a bit coming weekend before adding to your ideas.

    i like how the crowd pushes this creative process.

    osprey requires water, vessels and some dirty landing spots, no fun without a squad of seals jumping off the heck and no enemy fire around.

    but yes, i'd give it a vote if all the dependant stuff came with it.

    same with the cobra,total fan, but what in ipacs' world would you want to shoot at? no tanks in aerofly.

    The cobra is a strong teamplayer, datalinks and coms with ground troops and tactcal ops center, uses really deep system stuff pulled up to hmd. just not sure whether aerofly is the right bed to take up on that sort of leap.

    on the day we see some water and low flight sceneries in affs2, these 2 rotors become a thread for sure. lets hope.

    affs2 has no vfr terrain, so i would go with A380, B737-900, B787

    or finish existing models before starting new ones? current are far from complete.

    most models are available for other platforms, why not cooperating with the experts?

    think about converting those to accelerate affs2's pipeline on real needs like nav, atc, ai, wx, fpl, ground ops, etc. 😯

    Why are you so sure about this? You haven't seen any Aerofly code, I have.... Anyway, yeah maybe, I don't want to go into this too much, just saying that it is safe to say IPACS won't copy paste something and you don't have to be worried that we'll do.

    The nature of Billboards is that they turn to face the camera... They should probably not take the Z axis of the camera and apply that but instead each billboard should be rotated to face the camera's position. But that even more expensive and might make the clouds laggier than they already are.

    We're aware of this and the current clouds are probably not the end solution

    i dont think almdudl is in need for lessons. i perfectly understand what he was trying say, why dont you Jet?