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    For me, the bigger missing feature is the ATC, something that was asked multiple times and has proven to be a very difficult task to implement, has it been left out. But at least we have the AI traffic and the expanded scenario in Europe with multiple handmade airports, and the possibility to fly regular routes in the airliners.

    Not important? Are you serious? Then what’s important to you? System and visual realism are two key factors of flight simulator. Cloulds, rains, water, those are as important as what IPACS has been working on to improve the scenery. I believe it’s even more important than publishing new scenery and aircrafts. And I reckon many people would have the same opinion.

    I see the water from the air. I don't need to be perfect, just look like water.

    Of course, it would be better if it's 3D, has reflection and all the fancy stuff, but if that impacts the performance heavily, I'd rather leave the water as it is.

    Most likely there’s no street light implemented yet. It’s such a pity that they make such beautiful airport lighting but there’s no street light. I personally won’t buy AFS4 until night scene is included. It’s a feature we had since five years ago, missing it in this whole new simulator is unacceptable.

    But we already have night lighting already, right?

    I read the following in the coming features for AFS4:

    • Flight missions based on real world airline flights as well as custom flight mission presets and challenges
    • Pilot career achievements, logbook, recorded flight paths, statistics

    What does it mean? Is there some Role-playing game built-in or is it just a way to quickly fly using real-world flights without having to deal with flight planning?

    Hi, I have been following the tutorial to fly the Q400, and there is a step I can't make work. It's related to the preparation to intercept the ILS of runway 25R in KLAX, as the tutorial said.

    The problem starts in the following step:

    Preparing The Right PFD

    • On the right side PFD switch the navigation source to NAV2 (“ILS2”) and check if we are receiving the ILS signal. For our tutorial flight the PFD should show “ICFN” on the legend to the right of the display, the course of 250° should be set automatically.

    I can't get the "ILS2"... it says ILS1 (check the attached image) No matter how much I turn the knob, ILS2 doesn't show up.

    Then when I'm getting close to activating the approach button to intercept the ILS, I select ILS1 in the PFD on the left side. But I get these weird red cross lines on the MFD. And the ILS course is also wrong by default.

    What am I doing wrong?


    I have been away for a few months. I just took a couple of flights to the A320. I love it! It shows the work you guys put into it, and I'm excited as I'm sure you will continue updating it.

    I'm one of those sim fans that are not so worried about everything being 100% accurate, mainly when I have limited time. So what if you press a few buttons in the MCDU and data gets populated? When you don't have two hours to fly, that's precisely the type of experience I want. Something that makes me feel on command but makes my life easier. I want the experience! And honestly, after flying the study-level planes on other sims, I love this type of choice. It feels pro-and easy. The only thing I would love to see improved is the sounds... and still, I recognized the improvements in this area too.

    I'm excited about the future of this product! And I feel sorry for those who don't give this beautiful sim a chance.

    Hi! I was flying today in Innsbruck, and I was just amazed at how smooth everything runs. Orbx airport is just a piece of art, and the fact that the game runs without a single stutter puzzles me. Kudos, Ipacs teams. Now, that also made me wonder whether the 3rd party airports will still be compatible with the new version of the sim or not.

    Thanks and good development. I am looking forward to seeing what you guys are cooking.

    We have been working on ATC but it is a complex feature that we feel like is not quite ready yet. We want to expand this some more before it's released to the public. Sorry for announcing it way too early, we should have kept quiet about this like we usually do for big features. And then only announce them close to their release.

    I'd be happy with ATC guiding my flight from take-off to landing with the correct approach. But this must be way easier to say than to do, as even MSFS2020 or XPlane can't do it without major flaws.
    Anyway, given that you guys are quite a perfectionist I guess we will have to wait for having something like this fully working.