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    This is obviously a nice to have feature. It will help the game to be more viral.

    When you pause the game, just offer to record the replay section, (you could even trim it), and once is done, save it/export it as mp4 so you can post it wherever you want, or even offer the possibility to share it in twitter, facebook, youtube (or even WhatsApp or Telegram).

    Most of console games are adding these features in their games and is something I feel most of our sims are lacking of. We all love to share that landing, take off, views, etc.. and the easiest the process, the more chances more people will see content from AF2.

    Just an idea.

    How the future -or present- of weather representation should look like: :)

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    I wonder if we will be able to see this in flight simulation or is more for "enclose" environments.

    A prep for taxi, taxi, takeoff roll, climbout and clean up video would be a good start. Then an approach, setting the flaps and gear and touchdown would be a nice second video. We will be listening for any sounds in the cockpit and sounds made by those special engines.



    That post above and made me think: would it has this plane better sounds than the rest of the airplanes?