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    you mean the Screen Door Effect? That is barely visible with the Pimax 8k and 5k+...compared to Vive and Rift it is much better.

    Yes, I always make de same mistake. 😜


    Edit: I just checked the mail. 5k+ has been sent to me, and it will arrive tomorrow.

    Looking forward to read your impressions. Also don't forget to mention your rig. ;)

    That's even quite advanced system the one you are talking about :D

    The other sim is limited to 0-9. So in total, you can customise 10 views which for most of the people is plenty. Then you have some plugin to add even more.

    OK and if you are in an outside view does the same button bring you back inside the cockpit or do you have to press another button to switch the category first?

    It doesn't differentiate between categories. You move the camera wherever you want (inside cockpit, outside plane, inside cabin...), set the camera and save the view. The camera will always transition smoothly from one view to the new one selected. -even if there are some transitions where the camera cut through 3d planes-. Doesn't matter and to be honest I don't even notice because far transitions are quite fast. I guess it has something to detect where the current camera is and where the next one is, so it can apply some acceleration.

    And which views would you like assign to your coolie hat? If you move left right up down, what views do you want to see?

    Hi Jan,

    The sim comes with already default views. The hat moves the camera view, but it can be assigned to other actions.

    Now, I like to have some views already assigned. Why? Because that way I don't have to cycle among them. I press the key and the camera transitions to that view.

    For instance, that's what I have in the other sim:

    1: Pilot View

    2: Overhead panel

    3: Copilot view

    4. Close view of some panels.

    5. FMC/MCDU

    So if I'm in the pilot view and I want to check some information in the FMC, I just press the 5 (which is assigned to a joystick button) and I'm right there. I don't have to go through the other views, which is what happens now in Aerofly.

    I guess this is probably not a priority for IPACS, but is somethig should be considered in the future, as it's a feature very used in other sims. :)

    I found a workaround:

    Launch Aerofly from the Steam VR system, and once Aerofly is starting, hold the lower button of the controller to access the menu and select turn off the controller. That way I can have the mouse in the VR world and the virtual hands don't show up.

    I tried to fly with the hands, but I still need to access to the yoke as I found it easier to control the plane that way. I'd like to try to use the hands for switching some panel here and there, but I have to be close to the desktop to reach the yoke, so many times I found myself hitting the table with the controller. (or even worst... the monitor!)

    Hi Jeff,

    I cannot start Aerofly using Steam without the controllers on.

    When I run SteamVR and I launch Aerofly FS2 from the desktop, I get a message inside the Vive asking me to confirm starting Aerofly in desktop mode. The only way I can start Aerofly in VR mode is using the motion controllers inside the Steam VR menu and from there, launch Aerofly.


    I usually don't use the VR hands and I always reduce the visibility of the VR hands. However I wonder whether there is a proper way of just disable them.


    I remember, that even as amazing as it is the current VR generation, I felt a bit disappointed when I realize about the glass-door effect. I have faith in the future devices, but that will means to wait a couple of years for me.