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    I also like the new style way better, they indeed seem much more like in real life. Always hated the huge light coronas. Also keep in mind that the runway can be hard to detect in real life too, that's why you should make a good VFR flight plan and/or use your navigation instruments. If you don't like to do so, Aerofly also features some helpful tools like the visual flight corridors.

    Correct. But maybe Ray's connection has intel from another company...? I would be surprised though if anything would be released in 2017 that would be (a lot) better than the Rift or Vive.

    Well we do have Microsoft that will bring affordable headsets to the market somewhere this year through its partners. They do have a little bit higher resolution. We will have to wait how those specs turn out though.…ll-vr-headsets/

    We actually need foveated rendering where only the part the eyes look is rendered in full resolution. That will probably make higher resolution VR (4K per eye) on current generation video hardware possible. Besides that an increase in field of view would help a lot in making things more realistic (especially sense of speed).

    But for now I'm actually still pretty happy with what we've got, it is still so much more than we could have dreamed of a few years ago. I actually did a full flight in the Lear by the book yesterday where I operated everything in the cockpit with the mouse and that worked pretty well.

    There is also still so much to win on the software side like better access to maps, charts, checklists, etc. But also better clouds, sunlight effects and nightlighting on the ground.

    I think resolution is the same, no matter what card: it is the performance that may be different. Resolution will be rather low, no matter what card you have. Obviously a high end card can use a higher Render Scale Factor to make things look sharper but things will still look quite low res.

    True, but using a higher Render Scale Factor of say 1.8 to 2.0 is the only way to be able to read most instruments decently, In order to use those higher factors you'll need a top of the line videocard. If you don't really care about instruments this won't be too much of a problem though.

    Could someone please be kind enough to explain the following. 'This computer is VR ready'. Technology is moving to fast for me unfortunately and the old grey matter is struggling.

    The only thing I know of VR is what I have read on these sites or on the net.

    I take it then that there is something within the computer that helps the VR. Does the goggle plug into a USB port?

    Many thanks for any reply.

    Taranakian. (Jim)

    I've created a small article on my unofficial Aerofly fansite regarding your question, you might be interested in reading it:

    Not being able to read charts and stuff is the only thing that makes immersive VR flying not 100% possible for me right now. It would be nice if we could use the iPad from the Cessna 172 for example to access an image location on the PC. Then we could store our charts (or tutorial) on that location and access it from the virtual cockpit.

    I would also ask you to point to the User Created Content subforum where we have some additional downloadable sceneries and aircraft repaints (maybe actual aircraft someday).

    Hi Dave,

    I've started indexing the aircraft repaints, might take me a few days to add all currently existing repaints. You can look under the Aerofly section and you'll see all the default aircraft over there. When you click on an aircraft it will take you to a specific page for that aircraft. I've added some repaints under the Learjet 45 and the Boeing 747-400, they link to the IPACS forum page on which you can download the repaint and post additional screenshots, praise the artist, etc. :). Let me know what you think about this new feature.



    I'll help you along the way getting some valid stuff out there

    Thanks :), I've added a disclaimer on the homepage nonetheless along with some links to the official weblocations. Let me know if you want to add something to that list or to the disclaimer. I will also try to make it more apparent in my communication and content that Aerofly Central is an unofficial location.

    Oh please don't depress me Raymond with that 2030 release date for Geoconvert

    I know, i know its a placeholder. Come on Jeff, perhaps by the weekend?

    I definitely need to implement a TBA flag there though I hope that everyone understands that it won't really be in 2030 ;) To be absolutely sure I've set back the release date a couple of years :P .

    Guys, please just note that this an unofficial Aerofly FS2 website, and also make sure that you post only accurate information regarding FS2 features and functions.

    Also note that the official Aerofly FS2 website will be updated better as FS2 leaves early access, and there is an official Wiki that has a lot of information as well as a user manual that stays updated in real-time as features are released.

    I just don't want users to sway from the official channels and be led into any misinformation.

    Please don't take this as a knock towards the site as it does look really good, I just have to make sure it's headed in the right direction once you gain ground with it.

    I will try my utter best to keep things accurate and in case of rumors I will clearly mention that it isn't official information. If you have any worries about any information on the website or in general feel free to contact me directly (my current e-mail can be found at the bottom of my website or you can reach me through this forum). We can also discuss things like a prominent disclaimer that it is a non-official site along with links to the official websites or things like that.

    The main goal of the website for now is to help Aerofly FS 2 gather the attention it deserves, so I will work along with you whenever you feel it is necessary for AFS2 to succeed (I will of course not alter my opinion in product reviews). The secondary goal is to gather insight into all add-ons and tools that will start appearing into the ecosystem and to help people use those tools and add-ons.

    So please contact me about your worries and lets work things out.



    Ah I read through it yesterday and just finished the first fly-through (landed safely at the destination airport, both climb and descend profiles were spot on). I will add my comments to the document and return it to you ASAP. Though I will probably do the flight again before adding comments :).


    One comment on the great new site: imho the font looks outdated. It is the kind of font that was used on almost every site when the internet was born and imho it makes the site look old. Hope you don't mind me saying so. You are Dutch, right? I would prefer een 'schreefloos' font instead, like for instance the one used on this forum. It will not only make the site look more up to date and more obviously new but also more professional. Imho. (BTW I am a graphic designer though mainly for print. )

    Thanks for the comment and yes I'm Dutch (are you also?), I actually used quite a modern font (Segoe UI, which looks a lot like the font on this forum ;) ), but I'm afraid you got to see a fall-back font because it isn't available on your computer. I have quickly implemented a web-font now, should look a lot better and will work on all machines... I think I will need separate fonts for headers and content to make it look better, will play around with that soon. Let me know if things look better on your side now.

    Well, your HOME page is nice with photos - but I was thinking about a few short sentences at the very top without photos - like Meigs and LOWI released today, GeoConvert for user generated photoreal scenery published at end of June, New tool for generating animated aircraft and other objects will be available in July, Lionheart will be releasing his third party aircraft in July, New 2K per eye VR HMD has been tested with FS2, User Created Content has high detail additional aircraft for LOWI and other sceneries,etc... (I made up some of the events and dates!). That list would be updated maybe once a week??

    Thanks again

    Ah now I understand, that's a nice idea indeed. I'll try to implement this very soon (maybe tonight :) ).