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    No 3DS max here. Not affordable for freeware.

    I use Sketchup for my aircraft model. Exported as .dae and then imported in AC3D for some extra placement and resizing work before exporting as .tgi.

    I did not model the pilot. It's the default AFS2 pilot_pamela I copied from the C172.

    She is almost in place now and acceptable from the outside view. In cockpit view her arms are 2 meters long =O. That's why I disabled her in the cockpit view.

    Thank you Jan,

    So far I have managed to move her inside the aircraft by tweaking the RO positions. At first attempt her legs were hanging in the air and her elbow was poking through the door.

    I have disabled the pilot in the cockpit views. Anyway, it always scared me a little to see the pilot from the right seat.


    I have copied the pilot section from another aircraft to my TMD file for the aircraft I am building.

    I managed to place correctly the pilot's body and head but I have problems to place the arms and legs.

    I moved the position by changing the RO values but how do I calculate the XO, YO and ZO values to keep a correct proprtion ?

    I'm lost, please some help.


    I have successfully imported a pilot in my model by copy/pasting the graphics_human section from another aircraft.

    The problem is the pilot is not correctly placed.

    Jet-Pack : is there a quick way to adjust the pilot position other than changing the 244 bones sections?

    I made several flights from Breda to Amsterdam passing over Rotterdam and Den Haag, then coming back to Breda always gives me fps drop and tearing after a long time. Look at your graphics card memory usage (I use nvidia inspector) and you will notice it's at 100% or not far.

    Solution: restart the sim.

    Just out of curiosity... did you assign a bump map to the normal map channel?

    No, a normal map is defined in AC3D. Then I created a bump map (gray scale height map) and converted it to normal map.

    I think I read in the wiki that the exporter should transform bump maps to normal maps but for some reason it does not work at least with AC3D.

    It's a 24bit bmp file. It looks like this.

    I don't think the image is the problem because when I copy it in another aircraft it works.

    I also tried to copy the default C172 "fuselage00_normal" in my aircraft folder ans it does not work. I'm pretty sure it's my model or an importer option that is not correct.

    Hi Jan,

    It is set to 1 everywhere. Is that not correct?

    1. <[float64][BumpMapScaling][1]>

    1. <[convert_texture_settings][element][4]
    2. <[int32][MaxTextureSize][4096]>
    3. <[float64][BumpMapScaling][1.0]>
    4. <[list_string8][Files][
    5. ]>
    6. >

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    Yes, my map is correct: I copied it to another aircraft and if works.

    I also tried to copy a working map from another aircraft to my model and it does not work. That's why I believe there is a problem with my model.

    Checked my model.tmc: BumpMapScaling is set to 1

    Do I need to specify the files in the Files list below?

    1. <[convert_texture_settings][element][4]
    2. <[int32][MaxTextureSize][4096]>
    3. <[float64][BumpMapScaling][1.0]>
    4. <[list_string8][Files][
    5. ]>

    Hello IPACs team,

    I pulling my hair trying to make my normal map work on my model with no solution for several days now.

    In AC3D, my material setting is like this

    My fuselage00_bump is exported correctly and renamed as fuselage00_normal in the aircraft folder, but nothing is bumped in the sim.

    All other materials (ambient, specular and reflection) work as intended.

    So what am I doing wrong or what is missing in my material data for the exporter to take in account my normal map? I'm lost.

    I have also tried to add : "<[uvscaling][normal][55]>" as I've seen this in the DR400 example with no luck.

    I use AC3D V8.0.8 and aircraft converter version 1.2.5 Aug 21 2018 Build 1581

    A little help would be greatly appreciated.

    I have flown a few hours over Switzerland with ORBX cultivation installed since latest update and I did not have any freeze. Only happened over Netherlands.

    I did not fly anywhere else since the update.