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    Castoring nose wheel means differential brakes for taxying. I think I remember the Socatta Rallye was OK with rudder and a blast of throttle.

    Yes, I have already implemented brakes steering. You need a few attempts to get used to it but it works fine. There will be both options brakes steering or normal steering because I think it's too tricky for those who don't have rudder pedals.

    Hello Matt,

    You can try a copy/paste of tmd sections of a similar default aircraft. That's what I did with the C152. I used sections from the C172 and the DR400.

    Most of the code needs no change, only the geometrylist object names need to be adjusted and of course recalculate the axes and positions for articulated objects. That worked for me but the C152 is much simpler than a spitfire.

    The point is to add objects one by one and test each change you made in the tmd systematically by reloading the aircraft. The tm.log file will tell you much about the errors.

    Thank you Antoine,

    I am aware of the wrong flight dynamics and I have been spending the week-end trying to improve things.

    Now she climbs below 1000 fpm and keeps a more reasonable climb speed of 90~95 knots with flaps retracted (versus 2000 fpm @ 110kts). Max speed is now around 125kts (vs 140). Descent is still problematic, even worse. I have reduced the wing area (aerowing table) so now she floats less. I have to trim almost full nose up to keep a reasonable descent speed.

    There is still a lot of work and I'm far from being good in math and physics.


    Of course. Excuse my silly reply.

    I know nothing about photoshop. Are there plugins that can import pspimage files?

    The problem is when I save my files as PSD, I loose all my groups.

    If you don't find a solution, let me know, I will try to make a usable PSD paintkit.

    Making static aircraft is another story. Much less polygons, generally one low resolution texture and no cockpit. Populating airports lots of with high polygon objects would bring the sim to its knees at the end.

    Thank you Ray. Much appreciated from a real life pilot.

    The logical thing is that reports more precisely where to find the "zip" for download. The message "The link is in the original post." Is not an answer. It costs nothing to be more precise.

    Maybe that's because the question was not that clear to me.

    Anyway, I hope HighFlyer's answer helped you to find the download button.