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    I agree with Jan's option. For the aircraft I made, I always started with a similar existing aircraft (DR400 or C172 in my case). Simply copy the tmd file, remove everything in the graphics section except the fuselage, wings, gear and wheels so you have a functional aircraft from the beginning. Then you can add the rest of the graphic objects and change the dynamics to match your aircraft specs quite easily by changing some values.


    I'm unable to load any third party aircraft with latest beta (20200829).

    My p2008, krisk's or just flight, all give an endless list of geometry not found errors in the tm.log.

    I noticed that the CPU uses much more power with the Alpha build.

    I opted out of alpha to make a comparison.

    VersionCPU usage
    Alpha 2020080730 ~35%
    Alpha 20200807 (paused and reduced in task bar)15%
    Release version 2020051515~20%
    Release version 20200515 (paused and reduced in task bar)0%

    I can see no performance drop however.

    My CPU is I7 4771 @3.5GHZ.

    Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    Still trying to find a workaround. Is it possible to affect the selected altitude with a value of minus 50 (so it is reset to zero).

    I have tried to find a function that is triggered when I press the autopilot button (autopilot.Master function) but nothing works.

    Something like this: when I engage the autopilot, the autopilot knob should receive a value of -50

    Hello everybody,

    You have probably seen this aircraft before in FSX or P3D. Well, now it flies in AFS2.

    It's the A2A Piper Cherokee converted from my good old FSX version.

    I have contacted someone at A2A two weeks ago trying to get them interested but no reply so far, so it will probably remain in my hangar. It's a pity.

    Thank you Jan,

    So no way to change this?

    When I take off from the same airfield withe the C172, the Baron or the Justflight Piper, is shows 5.000. When I select the A320 or the King air, it shows 8.000 and with a fighter jet, it shows zero.

    I would like to have zero because my aircraft has no altitude selection, only altitude hold. Each time I reach 5.000, it stops climbing. I have to disengage the autopilot, climb a bit higher and reengage it. That's annoying.