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    What a nice surprise this morning here in Europe.

    Excellent imagery with very high resolutions at airports. Everything blends perfectly. Tree and building are simply perfect, looks 100% coverage to me. Roof top colors are very realistic. Great work.

    Airports are very nicely detailed with tons of objects.

    A very big thank to the team. I can't wait to fly the whole archipelago.

    May I suggest a very small correction?

    I have noticed those duplicate static helos at PHBK.

    Thank you Sylvain for your help, no I don't have pedals, and I don't fly in VR, but only with a Joystick and the screen.

    So, if I understand correctly, I replace the tmd. of this one, by the old version?

    But then the changes that you made for the brakes and the engine sound, I can not take advantage of it? Damage.

    In the new download, you have a sub folder named "_variants". There you will find the tmd's corresponding to ruddersteering or brakesteering.

    "My documents\Aerofly FS2\aircraft\p2008\_variants\"

    Hello Pascal,

    By default, you steer the aircraft with the differential brakes. If you don't have rudder-pedals, it's impossible. You will find a rudder steering version in the variants folder. Simply copy the tmd file and overwrite the existing one.

    Hello everybody. I have uploaded a new version.…p?entry/694-tecnam-p2008/

    Remove old version and unzip new one in My Documents/Aerofly FS2/aircraft/

    P2008 v1.1 change log


    Outside rear side windows are now black and opaque (like in the real aircraft).


    -Ground brake steering is now much smoother.

    -Electric aileron trim is now disabled when battery is off.

    -Oil pressure rises faster to normal (cold and dark version only).

    -More realistic stick movements.


    Removed the non-operational OBS indicator and replaced it with a DME which displays in the center of the radio. You can read the distance to the selected VOR, the relative ground speed and the estimated time to reach the VOR station.

    Flight model

    -Reworked the flight dynamics to get closer to the real aircraft values.

    -Take off: full power, rotate at 55 KTS. After initial climb, reduce power to 75% and trim the aircraft for a climb rate of about 800FPM at 75 KTS.

    -Max speed of 118 KTS @ 2.450 RPM at 2.000 FT

    -Cruise speed of 110 KTS @ 2.250 RPM at 2.000 FT

    -Reduced nose down tendency in descent.


    -Fixed bug that caused door sound to trigger before the door was completely closed.

    -Reworked slightly the engine sound mapping.

    -Reworked ground roll vibrations sound.

    -New fuel pump sound.

    Ok, let's try this:

    In the P2008.tmd file at line 301 find this block

                    <[string8][Inputs][ LeftBrake.Output 0.5 ]>
                    <[string8][Inputs][ RightBrake.Output -0.5 ]>

    The 0.5 and -0.5 values are the max angle of the nose wheel. Try reducing the value progressively until you have a realistic behavior.


    You will find the answer in the manual: C:\Users\user\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\aircraft\p2008\_manual.

    Hello Michael,

    See below. You have to do the reverse operation to add the head back.

    Can you check this:

    In the p2008.tmd file, search for "PilotHead" it should read like below.

                <[graphics_human][Pilot][]                <[string8][GeometryList][ PilotBody PilotHead ]>

    remove the PilotHead and leave only PilotBody

                <[graphics_human][Pilot][]                <[string8][GeometryList][ PilotBody ]>

    Now my P2008 is finished, I finally had the time to download your Norway project. I only made a 30 minutes flight so far but I must say I'm impressed by the textures.

    Thank to you and all involved in this project for the mesh and the cultivation. Very nice scenery.

    Thank you Kenneth, glad you enjoy my work.

    I sure will continue developing for AFS2, aircraft or airports or who knows, complete sceneries but for now I will take a few weeks of rest...

    Can you check this:

    In the p2008.tmd file, search for "PilotHead" it should read like below.

                    <[string8][GeometryList][ PilotBody PilotHead ]>

    remove the PilotHead and leave only PilotBody

                    <[string8][GeometryList][ PilotBody ]>