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    Hi Paul, more than happy to post the theory my brother and I have been working on for 12 months or so, still working on Part 2. It's a mere 20 MB and a 20 mins read, Ok, that's a lie, it's more than 20 mins but lots of pictures ;) Drop me a mail with your email and I'll send it to you. More people that read it the better, if you think it's rubbish then feel free to say so, can't be any worse than the gang are doing at present. Part 2 is proving our locations which I am working on, managed to find 20 plus thanks to Jerrs Ariel Photography, well worth a watch.


    Thanks Steve. I have sent a mail and I am even more intrigued!

    Hello Steve

    All the best to you- I hope you feel better soon. I am intrigued by your Oak Island comment as I am an avid follower of the show- much to my wife’s disgust!



    Thanks KalEl,

    This answers my question I just posted as to whether or not to try FS2 again; resoundingly "no" is the answer.

    He didn’t mention VR though which in Aerofly is very well implemented and compares very favourably when set against some of the newest sims. This together with all the community development that has taken place, still in my my view makes Aerofly FS2 an attractive destination.( BTW I have got and tried just about every other flight sim)

    The idea of using the headset at a longer distance from the PC is the main driver. But I agree that the cable method is fine in all other respects.

    Excellent information Peter. Thank you for taking the time to provide some detail. I have only just started with the Quest 2 but I see the wireless option as a project for the coming new year. I like the look of custom head mount also. Many thanks indeed.


    Thanks for the tip re Vitual Desktop. I read somewhere that It was necessary to side load the app on to the Quest. This looked quite complicated-is this still the case from your experience? Did you need to physically cable up via Ethernet between the PC and the router? Many thanks

    Having used the Quest 2 via oculus link to my PC based AFS2 for the last few days I have to say I am very impressed with the VR experience. I am particularly struck by the clarity and the immediacy of the cockpit models and the feeling of being there. I have tried a number of other titles in VR and as always AFS2 is my go to sim. With the popularity of the Quest 2 I wonder if the Dev’s would consider a conversion of the new mobile version for a true standalone experience?

    It looks like the Quest 2 is set to be a bit of a game changer. It would be terrific if Aerofly was made available for standalone use given that the developers have already truly conquered VR in the main product.

    Thanks very much for your advice. I have a GTX 1070 so I may be pushing it a bit, although I get very good FPS using a standard 2d screen. (Up to 200 with Vulkan enabled). You have given me much additional food for thought. Thanks both.

    I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge as to the suitability or otherwise of the recently announced Occulus Quest 2? This new device claims improvements over the existing version and is at an attractive price. It also comes with a cable for direct connection to a PC. As a complete VR newbie I would like to try and understand if this would be a good route in to using AFS2 in VR mode?

    I got a very nice second hand joystick off eBay for £20. (A black widow) it’s a few years old but still does the job. I started out flying the MS Sim in the 1980’s using arrow keys. Whilst it’s possible it’s not great.