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    What I miss in this flightsim is the feeling of "being there". Speaking for myself more scenery and aircraft come second place. I am thinking of rumbling sounds and vibrating panel during takeoff and landing rollout. V-speed callouts and cabin announcements. An update of the weather engine that creates more cloud layers and a "weather change in time"option. And of course we need a pushback urgently. IPACS gave us beautifull airliners, but we cannot start a flight at the gate. That doesn't make sense, does it. I hope IPACS will give priority to bringing more life in FS4 and then of course more US scenery would be nice. Now sometimes I get bored during flight, because nothing is happening. That does not mean I gave up with Aerofly, I removed the other sim from my system a while ago and Aerofly is the only sim I will use.

    (English is not my native language, but I am sure you understand what I mean.)

    Thank you for replying. Based on my experience with FSX I always think twice before purchasing hardware like this. I also understood this addon has been developped for use with MSFS2020 in the first place, that is why I asked. I know Aerofly does a much better job in supporting hardware, so I'll have a go.

    Hi everyone,

    I am thinking of the purchase of the Thrustmaster Airbus throttle quadrant. Are there possible issues when using it with FS4? For example: do the detends match the throttle settings of the Aerofly A320 or are there any calibrating issues? I found some threads here on the forum about TCA not working as it should.

    Does anyone have experience with these please?


    Opening the TM.log file I found this:

    0.76-tmsystobiieyex: initializing Tobii Eye...

    0.76-tmsysinputdevice: searching for input devices...

    0.76-tmsysinputdevicejoystick:searching joysticks...

    0.78-tmsysinputdevicejoystick: joystick 0: 'SideWinder Precision 2 Joystick' axes=4 buttons=12 slider=1 pov=1 type=00010214

    0.78-tmsysinputdevice: 1 devices found= (SideWinder Precision 2 Joystick) (43f5b90a0e8191dc)

    0.78-tmsystrackir: initializing trackir...

    0.84-tmsystobiieyex: ERROR: (TrackWindow failed)

    0.84-tmsystobiieyex: shutting down Tobii Eye... done

    0.84-tmsystrackir: successfully initialized (version 5.0)

    Which means nothing to me, of course. Anyone else??

    When moving my head the 3 headsymbols in the Trackir software move normally and I see 1 green light in the camera. After starting AFS4 the second green light comes on, which means the camera detects a trackir related game. Once inside AFS4 I see Trackir mentioned in the controllerlist. Now I jump into the cockpit where I can only move around using my mouse. Moving my head does not have any effect. No matter which aircraft I select. This happened out of the blue without an error message.

    Thank you for helping me, have a nice weekend!


    Hallo Paranovski,

    Thank you for your reply. I am aware of the possible USB Power problems, it was a constantly returning issue with my Saitek panels when running FSX. To resolve the problem I had to dig into the Windows Registry to reset USB Power Management which is always a tricky thing to do. But with Aerofly these kind of irritating issues simply do not exist. Trackir is detected, I can see the sliders moce when moving my head, but in the cockpit views remain static.

    I will report back, but not this weekend anymore.

    Regards, Peter

    Hello all,

    Switched over to FS4 some time ago. Up till now there were no problems at all with this flightsim. Sometimes during flight I realize I allways dreamed of a flight simulator that just does what it is created for: flying. No windows related or other problems ever occure. But... there is a first time for everything. As the title says Trackir5 stops working with FS4. It is in the hardwarelist between my stick and Saitek panels, I can switch it to on, but it does not do anything. I tried every possible solution I found on the internet, uninstalled and installed the latest version but no result. It seems there is nothing wrong with Trackir itself because it works with American Truck Simulator as it should.

    Anyone with good advice ?

    Regards, Peter

    It seems I have the same problem. After starting the sim my screen immediatly turns off, I even cannot switch off the pc. This have to be done by disconnecting the power. Atfer restarting everything is ok, but starting Aerofly 2 only results into the same problem. I really don't know what to do.

    AMD FX-8320 8 core Radeon R9-200