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    What’s taking so long for the 777 to be released? I thought it would come out like last week since mobile got it already. You guys should keep us updated on the progress/delay. I am getting anxious.

    So when would we be able to expect it? It’s been a long time and I get that it’s a complex process but this is definitely a long overdue feature.

    I’ve had this game for a couple years now and I noticed there are no new Liveries on the downloads tab for the A320. I feel like it’s the most used aircraft and should have more liveries such as American, Alaska, etc. but we don’t. I would take more liveries over the R22 helicopter because it makes the game more interesting. We only have one American carrier which is delta and is annoying because you can really only do long flights in the U.S. someone let me know what the progress is on the template for it. Would be nice to Have new liveries for the A320.