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    Dam ya had me going until I looked at my area of Paraparaumu New Zealand and it is definately Virtual Earth. I can see the same piece of dam cloud sitting right over some houses on the coast :( Its dissapointing because its my home town. I cant afford clear images and dont wish to mess around with trying to hide it which I'd say if it sits over houses would be near impossible hence I can not make scenery of my home town. In saying that, the South Island looks pretty clear but hey, I live in the North Island. I am hoping that our local developer Robin Corn who has done some already amazing work with New Zealand in FSX and Prepar3D can go ahead with a planned project in conjuntion with another local dev to cover the whole of New Zealand in Aerofly, all operational, Airports /cities etc. I will just purchase that instead :) Hopefully IPACS let them do it ;)

    Thankyou Jeff I am going to contact our data source here in New Zealand (LINZ) and e-mail them a screenshot of the FSET ini file to see if I can use LINZ as a data source for home scenery in NZ within FSET I assume Aero fly does accomodate programmes other than FSET? Only because it seems that USGS requires a different programme that's all😎 absolutely loving this Sim guys keep up the astonishing work it will be worth it😊

    Heya guys Ive just been experimenting with little pockets of areas at random (North West of the Rockies) and although I am getting great scenery in mountainous areas I think this could be a problem with the data source used which was Virtual Earth. Im going to try the same area with Google but Im not sure if there are any tiles even found for this area which seems to be the case a lot of the time with google. This is why I have been inquiring about different data sources to use in FSET and how to add them. The photo scenery is all lovely n stuff but unfortunately leaves a lot to be desired as far as the source images go, It is largely hit and miss. People should be aware of this before they waste a lot of time doing huge areas just to find they have massive colour differences/clouds etc. As you can see in the area image I have three different strips of the same area but clearly different, All downloaded in the one hit of course:) I had no Idea that it would turn out like this UNTIL I put it into the sim. Not moaning at all just saying

    It's frustrating because the Author of FSET has basically handed it down to whoever so there is really no where left you can go to get information, if you Google it the conversations are years old 😎

    I would like to put our land data source for New Zealand (LINZ) into FSET but have no Idea how to do this, I have registered with the LINZ website and got an API whatever that means it's kinda lIke a URL I think but it consists of only 1 line. I got it to use in Ortho4xp but when I installed it into the ini file it did not show up as a data source, tell me, are Google Earth which is useless anyway (tiles not found n all) Virtual earth and USGS ? the only data sources that FSET supports? As I said Google Earth is useless and in Virtual Earth I seem to be getting quite a bit of cloud over towns here and there, it's not so bad in the mountains but Town clouds are a big no no for me. Maybe I should ring LINZ and ask them if they have a URL that FSET would accommodate?

    Thanks heaps Jeff, I was just thinking the other day, some people early on moaned about there being nothing to do in Aerofly, missions etc, But the way you encourage us to get into the development side of things GIVES US SOMETHING TO DO, we learn new things, and for some of us me included, IT IS A MISSION! lol Hats off to you guys for having patience with us and guiding us through this very interesting process, not only hopefully do we get to enjoy the results but knowing that we are creating them is even more exciting than any Flower Bomb mission lol, POOFF!!


    Cheers Dree and thanks for ya help man, slowly getting through this step by step :) Now to keep practicing what Ive learnt and hopefully get into some 3D modelling later phew! Gee theres some exciting stuff coming up my friend :)

    Ok bugger, so the point of this exercise is just to get your runway recognised in the Location/Navigation system of Aerofly and that is all? Awe, I spent hours figuring that out, that was a nasty trick lol. Oh well onwards and upwards, what would you say is the most economical 3D modelling programme that you guys have a plugin for? Ive looked at a couple and they are pretty expensive :) any free ones gonna be introduced that could handle the task for a beginner or is it best to save up for a decent one? Cheers Jeff

    Andy :)