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    Ok Dree something has now showed up but Ive made an error in my coordinates, my runway is several kilometres long and not quite center lol,

    I notice that in the tutorial that the -/negative coordinates are on the right hand side is this the right way to go? well at least something has shown up and that came about by changing the file names :)

    No I can easily make the required changes to the TSC file but after I've done that I've set up a folder inside "Places" like it says in the tutorial then trying to copy and paste the contents of the TSC file into it but it won't paste, I will try as you said and just move the whole TSC file into "Places" instead of trying to copy and paste the contents


    I have notepad on my computer and have been opening my TSC file with it, not sure if it's the same version as the link you showed me but I tried doing it with wordpad but same issue, it gives me the option to copy but not paste, not sure what I'm doing wrong here😎😊

    Good evening😊 Oh drat! Really? Lol why will it let me copy the contents of my TSC file but not paste it into my folder I created in Documents /Aerofly/Scenery/Places hmmmm

    Ok Ive just accidently deleted my sample TSC file so will have to start again blahg! But I'm sure Ive just gone through all the steps in the tutorial and made the necessary changes to the TSC file, also I switched the main airport coordinates. Then I created a folder inside Documents/Aerofly/scenery/places and tried to copy and paste the contents of my TSC file into it but it would not give me the option to paste, So, desperate:) I just moved the whole TSC file into the folder then went into Aerofly but as I suspected, NO AIRPORT bummer, I must be doing something wrong

    Is this step done for just the Airports main coordinates or do you have to switch all coordinates in this manner?

    OK I've just opened my sample TSC file and it DOES give me the option to paste the content from MyGeoPosition so do I delete what is in the sample TSC then paste the coordinates into it and then switch them, is this correct?

    That's probably where I will stumble, I wouldn't have a clue how to switch the coordinates 😎 and don't worry Jeff us slightly impared ones will think of everything lol

    Heya guys am wanting to have a go at adding an airport to my scenery but am stuck at the point if creating a TSC file. How do you "CREATE" a TSC file? I had the same issue with the TMC file when I was learning how to create my scenery. In fact if it wasnt for the sample one, or better still the new GeoconverterHelper creating one for us I am still none the wiser. Can we have a "Sample" TSC file too ?? lol, also while I'm at it, when in MyGeoPosition and we right click on the points of interest to get the Longatude/Lattitude and elevation do we click on the "COPY" box to the right then paste that information into the TSC file?, thats of course when we get one :)

    Heya lads just wondering if anyone knows of a tutorial that explains how to add a Data source to the FSET ini ? I'm downloading some scenery for my home country New Zealand and am wondering, are Google Earth (which by the way, the updated version doesn't seem to work either) and Virtual Earth the only two sources we are able to use? And if not, if someone could link me to a tutorial explaining how to add another source? I have an API? I think you call it? for LINZ which is our main data source here but not sure how to go about getting it into FSET so I can use it, any help would be greatly appreciated, if this post is in the wrong area please let me know and I'll move it cheers