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    Fantastic - as it always rains there (in Bergen) , it will remain a bit “unrealistic” until we get a proper weather engine in AFS2, but I love your work - scenery is stunning!!!

    I had the same problem and solved it by ensuring I get some forward speed before applying full collective/throttle to prevent the spin. I assumed the tail rotor does not have sufficient authority to prevent the helicopter spinning under the torque of full collective and throttle.

    Correct - if you pull full collective in this machine your engines have gone WAAY into an over-torquing situation and there will not be any way you can stop the yawing to the right. Keep a close eye on the engine gauge as you pull collective - it’ll go into the “Yellow Arc” first and then “Red Line” shortly thereafter.

    Looks amazingly good, if flight dynamics are developed with the same care and understanding as your venerable R22, this helicopter will drive rotary wing sim-pilots to AFS2 in droves!! Hoping also for the option of cold and dark - or not, for quick spurts of hovering delights!!!

    Also - any idea which direction you are planning to continue covering the Orthos? Bergen and Voss areas including Sognefjorden are incredibly scenic, and perhaps Jotunheimen and Dovrefjell?

    Whichever way you go - we all appreciate it very much!

    Doohh!, red squares on the map, means they are not yet covered. That makes sense, and I feel really dumb I didn’t realise it in the first place. Ahh well, wouldn’t be the first time.....

    Your generous contribution is very much appreciated - I did make a donation to after the firs Lofoten release, but time to chip in a few more bucks then!

    Thanks a lot!

    Just wanted to say a big thanks to Hartman for all the work you are putting into making my country of birth, such an enjoyable place to fly in using AFS2! I have now downloaded and installed all the Norwegian content - Lofoten, Bardufoss, Bodo and Southern Norway, and it is just incredible to experience it, in all it's glory in wide field-of-view VR at 90 FPS! So, first of all - let me know where and how I can show my appreciation with a PayPal donation or otherwise. And a couple of questions, if I may. Can you make a chart for Southern Norway where you show the numbering "tiles" of ALLthe scenery produced, so that one can get a grasp of what is available and what is yet to come? Also wondering - flying with the cultivation in the Northern Parts is even much more enjoyable so, is there a plan to build cultivation for Southern Norway at some point? I had great fun finding the house where I grew up, just a few hundred meters south of the threshold of ENHA and it was huge fun to circle there, but from up close it was of course very obvious that you were flying on top of a "photograph" of the real world, and the presence of some buildings and structures would have made it even better!

    Anyways - thanks again - truly appreciate your work!!!

    Also - for tight maneuvering - make sure you reduce your speed. If you go balls-to-the-walls with this thing and go supersonic, the turning radius gets really big! Try to keep the speed between 200-300 knots and you'll find that you can throw it around the sky with tight turns and maneuvers. The G-limiterdoes - as Jan just said - make it a lot more realistic.

    OK - I'll bite on this. There's in fact very little reason to have the option to "modulate" reverse thrust.

    In real life it's an "all or nothing" for 95 % of flight operations. Only on very rare occasions (extremely low landing weights and VERY long runways or occasionally for noise abatement purposes") do we ever use "IDLE REVERSE", i.e. just cracking open the reversers. Never do you try to modulate the reverse thrust between the "IDLE" reverse and "MAX" reverse. This goes for all transport jets - Boeing and Airbus.

    On some turbo-props it's a bit more involved and on certain STOL aircraft Twin Otters, CASA 212's and sometimes Caravans, could you for ground operations and to limit taxi speed (and saving wear and tear on the brakes) or, occasionally backing the aircraft into a parking spot, modulate the reverse thrust for a limited period of time. For simming purposes it is of very limited practical use (as you don't have to pay for brake disks or pads;-)) Hope that helps.

    Best - ozav8r

    Wow!!! I am completely blown away by the Hawaii scenery you guys have made. It has breathed "new life" into AFS2 and I can't even begin to tell you guys how impressed I am with your efforts! It is thoroughly of Payware quality and I am really looking forward to the upcoming islands.


    I see a lot of missing textures and invalid texture entries. Towards the end there is a warning that more than 8192 trees are added and from that point forward there are more errors and warnings. I'm guessing there could be a region that has too many trees.

    ThAnks Jan - that would make sense with what I saw. Down low at low speeds, it kinda hangs in there, but once I'm up at a bit of altitude to have a look around - it crashes every time. Seemed OK in OpenGL, and - as I don't have any appreciable difference in frame rates between Vulkan and OpenGL in AFS2 (unlike X-plane 11.50b11 where the difference is massive) - I might as well run AFS2 in OpenGL - for now.

    Well done but sorry to say this: still no water, still these clouds, no weather, no ATC, no landing and taxi lights lightning the ground. Things that have been promised since I started with Aerofly FS2 three years ago. VR is still great but I have definitely lost confidence in IPACS, there is too little development. A hidden agenda I guess.

    Just out of curiosity - who exactly "PROMISED" you all these features? And why are you so negative, and what the heck does MSFS 2020 have to do with it? They have certainly NOT promised you helicopters OR VR-support, both of which are the main reason a lot of us use AFS2

    The screenshot from the airstart showing an INDICATED airspeed of almost 800 knots is just bonkers;-) Even IF (and it doesn't by a long shot) do a TAS of 800 knots, the Indicated airspeed at 55.000 feet should be only 340 knots or so. An indicated airspeed of 800 knots at 55.000 in the ISA would mean a TAS of 1047 kts. That is Mach 2.5 guys!!

    Either way - sure looking forward to a Hawk in AFS2- The JustFlight Hawk in X-plane is an absolute delight to take for a hoon in the Mach-loop!!!