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    Awesome, I'm so amazed at the expertise and capabilities on this forum. A buddy of mine is a doctor in Antarctica now and has had a few winters down there over the years. Had been based in Perth prior but I think he's with the Kiwi's on this trip. I wonder if he's been on board Ginger or Gadget. We've got a Whatsapp going so I'll ask him.

    Are there any PDFs you could share about this aircraft?G'day Phil

    G'day Phil - I only have hard-copy of the -200 stuff, but can easily do a PDF of pages of interest - just let me know what you're after. I have PDF's of a bunch of -400 stuff, but it is quite different with a glass-cockpit, SRL-computers for the engine management etc. Send me a PM and we'll talk. I'm too dumb with computers to develop the aircraft model, but very happy to assist with practical "real-life" input. Cheers

    Hi Argivo,

    What a great start on a C212 you have made!!! This really brings make great memories for me, as I used be Chief Pilot for a company flying C212-200's on survey for many years back in the 90s. I also flew the actual C212-400 aircraft, VH-VHB that JetJockey10 linked to earlier in this thread. I picked this airplane up brand new at the factory in Seville back in 2004, and ferried it out to Australia, before taking it (and it's twin VHA) down to Antarctica for our first season for the Australian Antarctic Division. These 2 planes are named "Ginger" and "Gadget" respectively, named after 2 of Mawson's favorite sledge-dogs. Even though I've been far away from the CASAs for a number of years now, I am still a current TRE (Flight Examiner) on type and as my airline isn't going anywhere at the moment due to COVID-19, I have recently been back in the C212 for some refresher training and will be doing a couple of type-ratings with new crew for an Australian operator. Not sure what level of fidelity you intend to take this model, but I'll be very happy to assist in any way I can. I have all documentation in my library, Flight Manuals, QRHs and Garrett TPE331 manuals, so sing out with anything I can pass onto you.

    Best - Eivind

    It can be corrected though, this is not a limitation of the sim. I had a version of the lynx where I had manually made it "non-cold and dark".

    If you need help with this just ask. From what you told me in the past you didn't want the helicopter to be ready for takeoff right away.

    I would be delighted if there's a way to have the Lynx launch with engines running. Any help you can offer to avoid the cold and dark cockpit would be really appreciated.

    Larry - what can I say???

    First of all - despite the fact that you asked that we made a donation to a local retired service members foundation, should we find that the Lynx is NEAR payware quality, I have nonetheless gone ahead and made a sizeable contribution to RSL - the local club here in Oz. This is despite the fact it is not NEAR payware quality - it BLOWS virtually any payware out of the water!!! It is just brilliant through and through and is the most enjoyable rotary wing sim experience I have ever had - period! And I have bought all current and past X-plane add-ons and fly regularly in a motion rig with full helicontrols. I am in awe of the skills that you have and the work that you have put into the Lynx. And the fact that you have made it available to the community as donationware (to a charitable organisation of our own choosing) commands a massive amount of respect!!!

    Like the others - the only "niggle" was VR manipulation of the throttles, but it is well worth the obstacles. Fingers crossed that IPACS can accommodate your masterpiece with some 3 more axis for the 2 ECLs and the SSL, (along with Enginestart Eng #1 & #2) so that we can bind them to a spare set of throttles that many of us has collecting dust in the corner of the man-cave.

    With both engines whirring away and the checklist completed I did a supply mission to Everest basecamp out of Lukla. It was a most enjoyable trip up the valley and the Lynx performed flawlessly and I managed to hover it in ground effect up at basecamp, before setting it down. Even thought the mission started with full fuel (and it seems that fuel burn is modeled realistically), I made a foolhardy attempt at the peak of Everest and ALMOST made it. In fact I made it up the Khumbu Icefalls and crept across the Hillary step and made it all the way up to 27.500 feet, before it run out of oomph, and I ended up in a settling-with-power situation where a sideways escape away from the mountain ensured I could return down to Lukla to live another day.... So, there's still some injured climbers up there that I will leave for another mission with reduced fuel-load, unless someone else beats me to it;-)

    Thanks again Larry - your Lynx is EXACTLY what AFS2 needed to inject some enthusiasm into this hobby! Brilliant - just brilliant!!!

    So, I just got back from holidays and let ADS2 Auto-update in STEAM (big mistake:-( ) I now find that there is no Telemetry received by my NLR3 Motion Platform and presume the rudimentary telelmetry provided by AFS2 has been disabled by the devs, either intentionally or by mistake? I'd be very grateful if someone from IPACS can inform us of their intentions with regard to supporting motion as part of the gameplay into the future. It used to work beautifully until the R22 release, when it was disabled intentionally, as "the output format was never intended to support motion and interfered with other aspect of the coding". I'm sure there are many of us that would happily pay for an add-on or plug-in to support telemetry and it would be great to hear what came out of the customer survey IPACS conducted in the middle of last year.

    Very nice indeed, to have a crack at the Mach-loop in a F15 on AFS2!!! This is the stuff legends are made of. A colleague at my airline used to fly Tornado’s for the RAF, and I have invited him over for a go! Will report his findings once he’s been here. I did notice that you get right up to the edge of the Ortho on the southern edge of the loop, and was wondering if there’s plans afoot to complete the adjoining Southern tile(s)?

    It would also be great to get an airport in the vicinity, to launch from - or perhaps there’s one there that I’ve misssed?

    Another cool addition to this scenery would be to add the “visual signposts in the sky” that can be toggled on and off in AFS2, to have the turning points easily identifiable. It would be a great aid for noobies to the Mach-loop!

    Anyways - thanks for all your effort Michael - truly appreciated!

    Excellent news!!! Sing out if you need a hand with development - I have extensive experience ( and LOTS of love for) the trippler. Even though I’m currently on the “dark side” (flying A330), my last airplane was the -300ER and I have more than 4.000 hours on type.

    I think I can say the same as ftpleta2. The logical thing is that reports more precisely where to find the "zip" for download. The message "The link is in the original post." Is not an answer. It costs nothing to be more precise.

    Regards: Delfin

    Why in the world is that not an answer? You just scroll back up to the orininal post on the same web-page you’re on, and THERE is the download link. How about some gratitude and manners towards someone who’s put down hundreds of hours and made this freely available for our enjoyment?

    Er... Lukla is nice but the best, most detailed...? I suppose it's very personal but although the five main airports are on par with for instance Orbx Innsbruck they are a lot smaller and the surrounding textures are mostly (extremely) low res and sometimes even rasterized... Houses and trees stick out very obviously all over the place... I do enjoy flying around it with visibility set below medium but Orbx's airports are all better and so is TrueEarth Netherlands. Imho. Lukla is nice to have because it portrays a part of the world you won't find too often in a flightsim but I mainly bought it because there hardly are any add ons for AFS2 and to support development of the sim by 3rd parties. Even IPACS's Florida looks a lot better than Lukla.

    I should have added that I say this from the POV of flying almost exclusively in VR. I disagree that TrueEarth Netherlnds is better though. It has much coarser textures on buidings and terrain. again as viewed in VR, but obviously covers a bigger land area etc.. Not my intention to engage in hyperbole, but I am genuinely blown away by Lukla for AFS2!

    Cannot understate the greatnes of the new Lukla scenery - possibly the best, most detailed scenery I have seen for any sim-platform. We are still hankering for a helicopter capable of exploring the scenery in full, but the R22 can hover in ground effect around Lukla and with a bit of coaxing (and willfully ignoring low-RPM warnings;-)) you can set it down on rooftops and courtyards in the vicinity. Would also suggest you check out the Dornier taildragger available for free - lot’s of fun!

    What a spectacular scenery this is!!! Sets a new bar for not only Aerofly but also the competing platforms! Resolution, detail and complexity are all second to none, and the frame rates in VR remains smooth as butter. The R22 can hover in ground effect around Lukla and just bout every rooftop in the airport precinct has now been structurally “tested” by yours truly. Huge fun and crossing fingers a heli capable of proceeding up towards Everest Basecamp will eventually become available or Aerofly. In the meantime, there are a number of fixed wing aircraft that can open up the higher regions for exploration. Both the F18 and F15 can successfully take-off and land at Lukla, along with all the piston powered aircraft in the fleet. Tried out the freeware Dornier and it’s proven itself to be an excellent platform to do shuttle traffic between Lukla and the dirt strip at Syangbosche.

    I can confirm it works for the Steam edition without ANY hassle. Downloaded it, clicked on the .exe file and it found the Aerofly Steam directory and completed the install without any intervention from me.

    And WHAT a scenery it is!!!!! Incredible detail, superb frame rates and drumroll: the R22 is able to Hover in Ground Effect at the ramp at Lukla, and takeoff into the valley!!! You CAN also turn right towards Everest but forget any ambition to proceed to Base Camp or anything like that. There are a couple of helipads down in the valley though and a carefully planned approach can be carried out to a successful landing. If we now can get 2 things - a Twin Otter and a Squirrel - Aerofly FS2 will leave all other sims for dust in VR use. ANd as a boneus (for me) the latest version of NextLevel Platform manager, 2.87 has restored motion, kind-of... Only Pitch and roll, accelleration and deceleration doesnt have the telemetry update rates to work properly, but at least the chair now moves with the aircraft during flight. Overall, a good day in my sim-world!!!

    I use BK, with a dedicated amplifier, and I can shake the chair pretty well. I can also filter the bandwidth and I don't think there is any spectrum issue. Yes sound channel is not the same as if we had a motion channel, but still it works pretty well. Now if I could get the audio in the rift and the BK at the same time without using some 3rd party crap software, that would be ideal.

    Incidentally I only fly stuff that makes noise (jet, helo, F4U, etc..), no surprise airliner don't shake much, that would be the point usually.:)

    You have tried Voicemeeter I hope? If you haven't - give it a go. Excellent donationware to split audio-signal inputs and output. Works really, really well for exactly what you want to do - run the Rift and the Buttkicker at the same time.

    interesting. So you feel its an audio spectrum issue rather than merely a volume issue. I wonder if we can get some input here from blacksmoke55 , he knows his audio.

    Yeah, good Buttkicker response requires low frequencies. It is essentially a "sub-woofer" that instead of sending the audio signal to a loudspeaker, sends it to a off-centre vibrating motor. Great for engine-Rumble, turbulence, ground feedback etc.