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    I have flown with the Pimax 5k+ now for about 3 weeks, and I simply do not understand the people who state that it "looks terrible" or that "performance is decreased 60%". I have buttersmooth graphics in AFS2 with a sensational Field-Of-View that literally makes it feel like you are IN the world of flying. Also - to say that there are "no decent helicopters" in AFS2 is ludicrous to say the least. The R22 is quite simply BRILLIANT with external and internal modelling that is drop-dead gorgeous and a flight model that is second to (almost) none (the only exception being the DreamFoil B407 in X-plane 11). I still miss motion in AFS2 and hope that the dev-team doesn't forget about us, but graphics performance in VR - in Pimax - is not something I'd ever criticise, as there simply is no better alternative out there.

    There are many of us that sure would appreciate it if fixing the Telemetry issue (introduced with the R22 release) for motion platforms remained firmly on the agenda as a priority! I ALWAYS used to demo Aerofly FS2 to colleagues at the airline dropping in for a gander at my VR motion rig (us a preference over X-plane and DCS, and would love to continue that with the brilliant new Robbie you have given us. I know for a fact that several of them have bought AFS2 as a result. Don’t want to nag about this, so just dropping it in here as this is an active thread. Happy New Year IPACS - team - looking forward to whatever else you have in store for us!

    Great news - before I go ahead and update - can someone confirm that the female observer behind the fence next to the terminal building hasn’t been removed in a fit of political correctness? I tend to move over towards her, trying to impress her with my self-taught hovering skills;-)

    OK, so I am frustrated with X52 for controlling R22 with its twist rudder. I need a "real" rudder. I am considering Thrustmaster TFRP rudder:

    Yet I have some doubts. Can Thrustmaster TFRP rudder work together with X52 for Aerofly FS 2? Both are separate USB devices, but it seems Aerofly FS 2 can only detect one USB device in the controller setup option. What happens if there are two USB controller to be used? Your advices are greatly appreciated.

    Should be no problem whatsoever. I have multiple control devices (Thrustmaster Hotas stick and throttle, VKB anti-torque pedals, Cockpitforyou motorised 737 throttle quadrant, Precision FLight Controls Jet column, Saitek Yoke and rudder pedals etc.) connected simultaneously and have never had any issues with Aerofly not recognising them. I tend not to have fixed wing controls connected at the same time as rotary wing, but it's really just plug 'n play! Let us know how you like the Thrustmaster pedals if you go ahead with it. Cheers

    Question for the devs - is the motion telemetry issue experienced in the latest (R22) STEAM edition sorted out in the DVD issue? I own a copy of the DVD as well as STEAM, but thought I'd ask before uninstalling AFS2 in STEAM and installing it from the DVD.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    Interesting discussion re. the value of sim and "just a game" etc. My background is as a Grade 1 flight instructor, bush pilot, survey pilot and airline pilot. 30+ years experience and literally hundreds of Level D simulator check flights both as instructor and in the "hot-seat" left and right, operating deHavillands, Boeings and Airbus. Level D has always been considered by regulatory authorities as being of equal or better value than the "real" thing, so there's really not much to discuss there. Very first landing i did in a "real" 737, 777 and A330 was with a planeload of passengers and this is now entirely common for the industry, as we have suspended completely with "base-training" in a real aircraft, where we used to "drill holes in the sky" with an empty airplane.

    As for the value of "home-sim'ing it is more complicated. From the early days, simming on a home computer held a value, but only in certain aspects of learning to fly. For IFR procedures, NDB-approaches, ILS's and holds it was great, because you could build an understanding of concepts and developing your instrument scan. For basic flight training, be it fixed wing or rotary it only held very limited value, as the inability to look around, building a "bigger" picture and developing situational awareness just wasn't there. Aircraft performance modelling was rudimentary and while I have always dabbled in home-simming, it was very much on 'n off. Enter Virtual Reality and voila - it's a massive game-changer! With VR, I have become completely proficient in flying a helicopter, through trial and error, and I can confidently state that I would be able to perform basic flight maneuvers in a variety of helicopters, including hovering in confined spaces, vertical referencing and auto-rotations etc. in a "real" helicopter. I still have ZERO flight time in rotary wing and I shall be the first to recognise the value of a good instructor, but the thing is - that with unrestricted access to a decent home set-up, it is entirely possible to get proficient in basic handling. I am not at all suggesting that I am "SAFE" to take a chopper up by myself without dual instructions from a qualified rotary wing instructor, but my hand-eye-foot coordination is well and truly sorted and i certainly would save money on rental and should be at standard with minimum time, if I go ahead and get a rotary wing conversion on my license. With the frame-rates available in Aerofly FS2 and the fidelity of the R22, using VR and small cheap motion platforms, there has been a complete paradigm shift, and I'm convinced that the training industry and eventually the regulators will catch onto this. It's most certainly not "just a game" anymore (even though it's a heck of a lot of fun!!!)

    ORBX True Earth Netherlands, ORBX Palm Springs (never knew that the main termminal building has both an up - and - down escalator - both working in this scenery), Monterey, Innsbruck and Meigs, Aerosoft Helgoland (try to hover in front of the G-string clad babe next to the terminal - she'll be very impressed;-)) Downtown Los Angeles now has a bunch of Helipads on top of buildings. Ohh boy - this sim is addictive!!!

    4. Is already available?

    Thanks Jan - I didn’t know - I’ll go poking in the settings to try to figure out how!

    Edit - sorted it out by deleting the assignments to elevator and pitch trim, and then re-assigning the same switches to the same function). Great - thanks a bunch!!

    So, we finally have the wonderful new R22 available to us:love:. I've spent many hours over the weekend and come to appreciate the fidelity of the flight dynamics in "Profi" mode as well as the great quality of the rendering inside and out. So, I'm starting this thread as a tribute to the dev-team with a couple of suggestions for further improvement, rather than a criticism of what they have released to us - free of charge to the existing users!

    1. Increased pitch trim authority. I can't trim out the cyclic forces with speeds in excess of 70 knots, but require a constant forward push in order to remain in level cruise flight. I have a modified Thrustmaster Warthog cyclic with the Rainman extension and Sahaj's blue spring, and this combo is wonderful - just enough resistance to return the cyclic to zero when released, without requiring any more than a light pressure to move.

    2. Ability to remove the doors. Doesn't have to have fancy opening and closing animation, but simply a way to remove the doors for precision vertical referencing, when hovering OGE.

    3. Cold and dark mode. Would be great to have the option to enter a cold and dark cockpit and bring this beast to life oneself!

    4. Option to have a button-bush being "repetitive" when held in. Particularly for trimming, it would be nice to push and hold in order to let a trimming motion take place, rather than multiple single clicks.

    That's it from me - for now;)

    Can confirm that Palm Springs shows the same symptoms of Magic Mushrooms use, as nickhod has reported above. Eagle Vail has the same problem, even though the causal factor in Eagle Vail is more likely cannabis, being Colorado 'n all....;-) Monterey and Innsbruck are all good, while every single windmill in True Earth Netherlands is now suspended 100 feet above ground and the rotorblades are free-floating well above the hubs. Plenty of good places to enjoy the Robbie in the meantime, so we'll just cut the devs some slack and it'll be all sorted out in due course. This R22 is addictive!!!

    Just posted this on Steam - congrats to IPACS!!!

    I am an airline pilot with more than 30 years experience and currently fly A330 in longhaul operation. I have dabbled with home-simming as long as they've been around, and have bought, installed and used every version of Microsoft Flight Sim, X-plane and P3D over the years. None of them come even close to the shear enjoyment and thrills Aerofly FS2 has given me. Firstly what it is NOT - a study level in-depth technical system, with advanced ATC and weather. X-plane add-ons and P3D is what you want if that's what gives you the kicks. What it IS, is a truly modern simulator, effectively utilizing multi-core processors giving insanely good framerates on a high resolution monitor and in VR is un-equalled with butter-smooth graphics and aircraft and scenery developed with an ever-present love of aviation. It's a small developer-team, but they are extremely skilled and respond to inquiries from their user-base in a timely fashion. Their recently released R22 helicopter will truly transform the experience of flying rotary wing on a home simulator. Flight dynamics are on par with the very best in the X-plane world (Dreamfoil), but the details and graphics quality surpass even them! The seemilngly simple detail of a yaw-string is taken to new and hitherto unseen levels of detail and quality, and is an ever-present reminder of the phase of flight you're in whether that be hover or transational lift. Simply SUPERB!!! I just love everything about this sim and is my go-to solution to re-connect with why I learned to fly in the first place. Airline flying gives a good life-style, but is so regimented and SOP-driven that it is more of a management job, than wind-in-your hair thrill of breaking those surly bonds;-) AFS2 has a couple of superbly modeled fighter jets, as well as some great GA aircraft with superb flight dynamics. The humble little 172's stall/spin characteristics is EXACTLY as I remember them to be from several thousand hours of flying the 152s and 172s early in my career. Approaching the stall it hangs on the prop and initially shows no sign of a wing-drop. Keeping a trickle of power on and giving a bootful of rudder, it'll break into a fully developed spin if you do it right - easier to the left than the right (just like the real thing), but coming out in a spiral dive unless you get it just right. Superbly done, and waay better than anything I've ever seen in the X-plane or MFS world. It further has some airliners that without complexity, can give you a decent experience in what it's like to ply the airways up at the flight levels. There are also some great war-birds and as I have mentioned - now a SUPERB helicopter. Don't believe the negative reviews on this sim. You simply will not regret getting onboard with AFS2!!! Happy flying!