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    I've never tried VR! hmmmm what am I missing? I don't want to wear a googles thing from now on...

    VR completely and utterly transforms the sim- experience! From being on the outside - looking in, to actually being IN the cockpit, flying the airplane. If you already have a PC with a decent graphics card, the investment in money and time to get it up and running is very modest. And Aerofly FS2 is head and shoulders above P3D v4.1 and the new X-plane 11.20 beta with native VR. Having said that! X-plane shows great potential and may well catch up with the shear joy of VR-immersion that currently is the sole domain of Aerofly. Even though I have a 3-monitor setup, I now do all my simming in VR, most of it in Aerofly, and mainly go to X-plane for choppers and P3D for Airbus -stuff. Give it go Peter - you can thank me later!!!

    You absolutely nailed it John. Airline Flying is so regimented, structured and predictable, that the shear joy of flying is all but drowned out. Don’t get me wrong - it STILL beats Working for a living;-) but the best advise I have to give young pilots is to NEVER EVER lose sight of the fact that with big shiny jets and decent pay, comes a loss of something else - the shear joy of freedom of flight. Many of the guys I work with, are involved in GA, soaring or aero clubs. A great way to stay connected to what brought us into aviation in the first place! So, i see Aerofly FS2 as excelling in providing a “quick fix” and that those who get their kicks out of “deep immersion in systems”, realistic ATC, failure modelling etc. will still be better served with other sims. I really hope that Aerofly doesn’t get bogged down in computer code catering for these things and lose the the beautiful fluidity and shear joy of hopping in a beatifully rendered aircraft in VR and go for a spin at sunrise.

    Now, a HELICOPTER on the other hand - THAT I would pay good money to have included. So much beautiful scenery to explore in the hover - Innsbruck, Manhattan, Monterey and Meigs Field, and this is just the beginning. Please tell me that someone is serious about either developing a chopper for Aerofly from scratch, or porting one of the good ones from X-plane or P3D across!

    Totally get where you are coming from Jetpeter1! I’ve been simming on and off since 1990, more on when there’s less real flying. Been a long haul pilot on the 777 for the last 9 years, and recently converted to the A330. Aerofly FS2 is head and shoulders above anything I’ve been simming with, and the main reason for that is how it excels in VR. You didn’t say if you are using it in VR or not, but if you’re not - you should! Immersion is spectacular! I’ve recently gone full hog and installed a motion base as well, and now I look longingly back at my VR-rig, when heading out the door to go and fly the jet;-) Go figure.......

    You do not need steam. You can buy it direct from Orbx and in the 45% sale it was only AUD $18.12 for me. It will install into your steam installation without problems anyway.p

    Exactly - you do not need Steam. ORBX native FTX central also let’s you migrate your compatible STEAM purchases into their native user interface, and you can manage it all from within. They also have a 45% off everything sale until the end of the year, so great time to expand the P3D scenery collection as well;-;

    Simply stunning - looking forward to getting this airport in FS2 in all its VR-glory! Will there be an upgrade-path or cross-over for those of us who have purchased the P3D version in FTX?