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    the performance envelope has changed drastically for the MB-339. I recently had it up to 90,000ft and mach 3+. Although it has been a lot of fun flying it this way, I'm finding it to be unrealistic and thought I would bring it to iPacs attention. Maybe you've got an SR-71 waiting in the hanger for a release someday and your just testing the flight model? (Friendly sarcasm) :)

    thanks for the speedy reply, I'm not sure if this can be done using just aeroscenery as it is right now. When i used to use tileproxy for fsx scenery you could alter the scenery levels to achieve what I am attempting to do but I don't know how to do this with aeroscenery. Maybe there will be an option for adjusting the scenery rings in the next version or maybe it is already there but I have not found it yet. Are there any areas that iPacs has done yet to show off highest res achievable where scenery is rendered to level 20 - 0.149, I would love to see this for maybe Hawaii? Thx for the great sim.

    I have downloaded the highest resolution tiles for the Las Vegas surrounding area at zoom level 20 and had afs level 14 and 15 converted and all is well and scenery looks high res beautiful but tiles rendered this high are only appearing directly around where I am flying. These high res tiles are popping in and out in relation to where my plane is and I want to extend These tiles to load further out so The high resolution scenery appears high res uniformly. Is there a way to get the high res tiles to load up around me and further out where I am heading? I would like to see the high res tiles loaded further out but don't know how to do this yet, any help for me out there? I really appreciate all the help from you. I'm still learning quite a bit.

    I have a question pertaining to use of the Google server to create scenery. I am hoping for reassurance that it is still okay to use for personal use files only. I am new to scenery creation and find aeroscenery software to be about the only thing that makes sense to me of how to use so far. I see various options for server settings, (Google, Bing, and something else, usgs). I like how Google has been rendering things so far but I don't know if I should be using it because I am confused after going to the website and that being closed down. Any advice for me out there as to what service can be used safely. Much appreciated, I am really enjoying increasing the res in certain areas now. Thx again.

    Thank you much, i have gone back and started reading earlier post to help me understand things a little better but i still have questions. If i want to increase the resolution of the existing scenery area around area 51 in Nevada, which is currently low resolution to 1 meter resolution for 10 miles in all directions, what AFS levels should be checked and what grid square selection size should be used? I am also wondering what the Max tiles per stitched image should be at, when it should be changed, and how that number works? Thank you in advance, I really appreciate your replies, i am learning alot now.

    Anyone know what to do if geoconvert stopped at 28 out of 30 tiles? there was some sort of memory problem so two were not completed now i don't know what to do or how to rerun. thx

    Thank you so much! I am currently downloading photo content for area51. Will the files automatically go into fs aerofly 2 or do i need to put them into place? Where are they located after your converter program does the work and where do they need to go if it doesn't automatically put them there? what do you think will happen to the scenery area for nevada area51 since an airport is already there? Will the scenery i downloaded prioritize over existing fs aerofly 2 scenery and do you think the airport will showup after i overwright the scenery with your program? Sorry so many questions but i am excited to have something finally go right with my day now. Cannot wait to play around somemore with this awesome tool/program. Thank you so much!!!

    I downloaded the beta .06 files and i don't know how to get them installed. There are no installation instructions and i don't see any .exe files at all. The readme file doesn't even open as it is How does one install this software and where are the operating instructions for use? If install isn't auto then where do these files go? I keep finding anything to do with scenery design to be a major pain, looking for the easiest way to generate higher resolution overlays for already existing scenery and default airports like the one out at area51. should be a beautiful place to fly but it is too low resolution out of the box. thanks for any help.

    I am really enjoying this fantastic sim in VR on the oculus rift and would really enjoy taking a flight around the many beautiful scenery areas you've created but using a helicopter. I have already spent many hours flying in the various aircrafts you've created thus far but was wondering if a trainer type helicopter might be released. If so what should be an honest estimate of when it might be released? Very much looking forward to your implementation of a.i. traffic as well, as flying with others in the friendly skies is just so much fun! Any timelines or approximations for a.i. traffic implementation as well? Thank you dev team.

    just wondering when any of these features might be implemented in fs Aerofly 2 VR ? I have friends and family that would like to be put in an airplane for a prerecorded or replay flight as learning to fly doesn't exactly take 5 minutes of training. They have no experience with flightsimming so this feature would be absolutely incredible for demo purposes in VR. Thanks for the great sim, grottsi!!!

    I found what really cleans up the image nicely is to set prerender frames to 4 under nvidia vr settings. Huge difference and I even get a smoother experience on my 1080gtx. The only setting I turn down in game is shadows because they are frame rate killers for me when also using render scaling 2.0 and nvidia vr x4 pre render. I also fly with clouds no greater then 8 clicks to the right and trees and buildings medium. VR has never looked better now on oculus rift, I am amazed at what x4 prerender under nvidia settings has done.

    will there be any scenery created at the 32cm per pixel resolution? I am eager to see the capabilities of this program for areas like the Hawaii island or other lands with beautiful water surroundings. I know that this extended detail resolution takes up a lot more space on the hard drive but it would be cool to see a smaller area get rendered this way. Thanks for the great program so far IPACS, and keep up the fantastic work. What a joy to fly in your sim.

    Turning the shadows to low fixed all stutters for me. I'm running oculus rift cv1 on an MSI gt73 gtx1080 and the new Swiss scenery from ORBX. Clouds can cause stuttering also so I reduced cloud settings to plus 5 from the left. Everything else maxed and my frame rates never drop below refresh rate of 90fps. I played around with watching the framerates while changing settings and the biggest framerate killer was the shadows. Hope this helps for now.