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    Wow! what a great job you all have done with this project. Had some "goose bumps" watching the lift off. I was in the Air force telecommunications Ramstein AFB at the time of the lift off. Brought back some old memories. Thanks again for your hard work.

    Jeff, thank you and the entire Aerofly team on such fast action in resolving this issue. Especially for some of us with older Pcs still using HD5770 video. I still can get 15 to 40 fps using this old computer with mostly high settings. My laptop will get sometimes 100fps with high to ultra. I haven't used FSX--SE in a few months since Aerof;ly is now the one. Looking forward to your future updates.

    Thanks again for your help, Jan. In a way that is good news since I really don't have a problem. I wonder if anyone has all ready done HD ground textures for that area that can be downloaded.?



    First I must say that Liverpool scenery is outstanding; however, I have noticed that the area surrounding the airport is totally blurred. It was like seeing FSX in the old days with its blurries. I deleted EGGP Ifrom the area and still the area looks washed out. Is this normal in that area are do I have a problem? All the areas US, and other add-on scenery do not have this problem. By the way i have this problem on my notebook as well PC.

    Appreciate any help.


    Laptop I7-7700, 2,8/3,6, 4GB Nvidia Ge Force GTX 1050Ti, 2.5G HD, and 256 SSD.

    Jan, thanks for your suggestion. Jeff in another topic mentioned the drivers as well as some other helpful hints. Unfortunately none of them helped. I just updated the latest ATI drivers but still no go. Aerofly shuts down almost immediately. I know I have an older system but Aerofly was working several days ago. It looks like a re-install may be next. I tried to attach the tm log file but the extension is wrong. I tried changing it to txt file but sill gives me tm.log.

    Intel I7-860 2.8/3.6 turbo, ATI Radeon HD5770, Win10.

    Hi! I just posted a similar problem on topic "Aerofly has stopped working," that I think Kenneth has. Older machine but has worked flawlessly with Aerofly until today. Receive the same message "main executable file..a problem has occurred program to stop working correctly". Have done steam integrity check with no problems noted. I do not use VR. System isI7--860, 2.8/3.5, ATI HD5770 1gig and Win10.

    Do hope we will not have to re-install.

    Look forward to any help.


    Wow how did I miss that topic. I do have an older PC I7 860 2.8GHZ and old ATI HD5770 video card, Win10, but I have been using Aerofly for a few months with no problems and good FPS. Just something happened I guessed yesterday when I left Aerofly. I will go on over to the topic your mentioned since they are having similar problems. I do not use VR.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


    Have no problems until today. Started up as usual and received message "main executable file has stopped working that a problem has caused program to stop working correctly". Then crash to desktop. Everything was just find yesterday. Steam verified files and no problem found. I have all add-ons installed including Orbx software. I have turned off firewall and virus checker but still unable to start. The only thing installed since yesterday was an Epson driver. Liverpool scenery was installed yesterday with no problem,however there were some blurries around surrounding areas.I have restarted computer several times still receive message. I sure hope I will not have to reinstall everything.

    Any ideas will certainly be appreciated.