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    Jan, I have still been trying to fix the floating on all airports etc. No luck. I have been unable to find one airport with correct elevation etc. Used the integrity check several times. I think I messed up so much that I may never figure out the problem. I have attached the latest tm.log just in case you might find another hint somewhere. What is so strange it is impacting all airports including Orbx scenery. How should someone figure on deleting/uninstalling and start from scratch.

    Appreciate any help.

    Update: integrity check OK. Also integrity check with Orbx scenery, can't find orbx duplicates.

    On several airports "Xed" out Rwy file and floating of runways and trees etc. no longer float but graphics of RWYs exist but washed out looking. Some cases planes are flat and some buildings. (KOAK, KSNA, KEYW, KPHX) .

    If can't fix problems would want to know if uninstall Steam Aerofly and use new USB HD and reinstall basic steam Aerofly on new HD. Delete all aero files purchased and hope I would be able to install to new HD.

    Hpoe this makes sense.

    Appreciate any comments form anyone.


    • tm.log

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    Yep, I was afraid that was what steam would do, so I got to figure out the user scenery installed and where they are located. I looked at my laptop, (which was installed by steam with mostly same scenery) and the airports which are also on my PC. It appears that there are some differences, which I would assume they should be similar. I need to check why the differences, since the laptop does not have this problem. There are some missing files as well as some files in different locations. Will try to reconcile and see what happens.

    Again I appreciate your help.

    Jan, still trying to work out this problem. I did change from C:/users/.../aeroflyfs2 to _aerofly fs2 but no change. Is that what you were suggesting or something else. I have been centered on working with USA folders but it is all the airports that have all the floats of airplanes, trees, etc. I guess I need to know if I uninstall Aeroflly per steam and reinstall,would mean all scenery would have to be reinstalled from scratch?

    Is there a way to uninstall the recent steam update?

    Sorry for all the questions.

    I have a somewhat understanding what have been stated about the tm.log. Wow I do have a problem. Will try to identify where the duplication is and delete any doubles. Hope this will be a start. Maybe also have been placed int the wrong folders. But still not sure why this has happened with the steam update.

    First I tried without user scenery but still floating and landscape was misplaced. I then re-moved the places/usa/ca. Still no change. Checked scenery in "C:/program files(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/aerofly fs2 fligjt simulator/scenery/airports/usa/ca ", Many sceneries were here.

    Could this be part of the problem. It does not appear they are duplicate.

    There are also "city files" in steam/AFS2/scenery/places/usa/ca (not in document folder)

    I am sort of novice in trouble shooting but hope this will shed some light. One question should I go and transfer files from "steam" folder usa to places/usa/ca.??

    Hope this shed some light.

    Once again I have all floating airports etc. after new install from Steam. All was well after uninstalling "Beta". Now this new update from steam has caused same problem as before with Beta.. Not sure how I can uninstall the latest steam update? Once again I sure could use some help to solve this crazy problem. I need to add this is own an old PC, which runs Aero just fine. My laptop had no problems with the update.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    Yep that was me. Plenty tried to help on that one but finally got it worked out. This is far worse. I am in "beta" but not sure how to uninstall "the beta". Have been using open GL. Don't look forward to uninstall with all the "goodies" I have installed over the last few years. Maybe someone has had similar problem.

    Thank you

    All was going well until decided to start from "steam". First, when I went to "location" it was blank. Finally after a few tries I was able to get location to show my airports. Stared at KEWR- plane was above runway and with floating objects. It got worse all the airports I tried are now having same problem, which appears elevation problems. Now I am really at a lost on what is causing this. I have many addons with no real problems until now. Sure would appreciate any help. This appears really bad and now not sure it this is going to require a complete uninstall.

    First I want to thank those who tried to help me fix the problems I encountered,especially Ken for spending so much time. Although it is not 100% fixed I have been able to make things workable.

    Deleted two files, one from each airport. KMTH RWY TMB file and the rwy TMB file on KEYW. The old rwys are now present with no more floating. The RWYSs are not as polished as the real package but ok. Still not sure what has caused all the problems.

    Thanks and happy flying with Aerofly.

    Good Morning, NO! it is missing "kmia _Miami_intl.;( I find the missing folder is located in scenery/airports/usa/fl for laptop and PC.

    I do have (beta) installed.


    Note that KMIA did not appear to have any problem. :)

    Update: Moved folder Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator/scenery/places/USA/fl but no change or impact. Flying into Keywest the airport is floating above the actual airport.

    I guess I am stuck. May just delete the two airports in question and live with it.

    yes, your great Apollo-50

    Also scenery/places/USA/SouhFloridaTL-V2

    add common Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator/scenery/places/USA/fl there are 5 files /cultivation 2.Miami-port ,3 Miami city, 4 key bridge_02,;and 5. key-bridge_01


    I installed Aerofly when it first came out on my laptop since it is a faster cpu. Several weeks later I installed from steam Aerofly on the old PC, which by the way works just fine. I had been using the laptop until I found out the PC works just great with24" monitor. since then I have tried to keep up with the software on both computers. I have been using the PC most of the time. but did not fly into the two airports until recently and that is when I found the problem with the two airports. That is why I cannot figure out why it works on the laptop and not the PC. One final note. I have the new EC-135 working on the laptop with "beta" and not on the PC. It shows that it is installed but does not come up on the PC.

    I do appreciate the time you have tried to help

    Ken, this is complete TSC for KMTH-Marathon (has same problem) Hope this would help.




    <[string8][sname][Marathon Intl]>

    <[string8][lname][Marathon Intl]>




    <[vector2_float64][position][-81.05834389 24.72354691]>



    <[vector2_float64][tower_position][-81.0506173569646 24.7253256722816]>








    <[vector3_float64][position][-81.051478 24.726272 0]>







    <[vector3_float64][position][-81.051478 24.726272 0]>







    <[vector3_float64][position][-81.051478 24.726272 0]>









    <[vector2_float64][endpoint1][-81.0594900282562 24.7231124238896]>

    <[vector2_float64][endpoint2][-81.0433073377155 24.7292469883089]>

    <[vector2_float64][threshold1][-81.058343894038 24.7235469125323]>

    <[vector2_float64][threshold2][-81.0444498918375 24.7288138766919]>










    <[vector2_float64][papi1_custom_position][0 0]>

    <[vector2_float64][papi2_custom_position][0 0]>














    <[vector2_float64][position][-81.0540029879656 24.7239713405019]>



    <[string8][name][Parking Position #1]>



    <[vector2_float64][position][-81.0435607357912 24.7280490788181]>



    <[string8][name][Parking Position #2]>












    This is what I get "Ture"




    <[string8][sname][Key West Intl]>

    <[string8][lname][Key West Intl]>




    <[vector2_float64][position][-81.76677118 24.55602632]>



    <[vector2_float64][tower_position][-81.7564450870536 24.5537360684529]>








    <[vector3_float64][position][-81.760022 24.554775 0]>




    Thanks for all your comments, still haven't figured out the problem. On each of these airports it is like everything is 3D with all the floating of RWY, Tree, bldgs. This is only at the airports. Since this is elevation what about the TSC file in each of the airports KEWY and KMTH?

    I do have a package South Florida TLv2 installed under documents/aerofly. This is also installed on my laptop as well. The problem is with my desktop. Was wondering if "elevations" and maybe "Xrerf", which is located in my aeroflyflightsimulator (not documents)/scenery. Transfer same files from my laptop to PC. (would back up everything in my PC that is under "scenery". Hope that makes some sense.

    As you can tell I am at a lost and not that knowledgeable with Aerofly. ;(

    I did notice that my pc does not have the EC135. It is on my laptop. Went to steam and assumed I had the latest beta but maybe not for the PC. To download steam is requesting code. I need a code?