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    I use the link cable and run aerofly using the following steps

    Turn on quest 2 and connect link cable

    Start up the oculus app on the pc

    Through the quest 2 menu connect to the pc

    Open steam and start Aerofly. You'll get the choice to run aerofly using steam vr or oculus vr, both work but if you select steam vr then steam vr will need to load first.

    You could try reduce the render resolution in the quest 2. If you're not sure how to do that here's how

    Link graphics performance preferences

    I get slightly better performance using open gl in the graphics settings instead of vulcan so that might be worth a try.

    I don't use oculus tray tool anymore, I'm not sure it would help at all but here's a link if you want to try it

    Oculus TrayTool - SuperSampling profiles, HMD disconnect fixes (hopefully)
    Oculus Tray Tool   current version: 0.87.3 What is it? In short; It’s a free application that helps you get the most out of your Rift. It is developed by me,…

    The only thing I can think that might help with oculus tray tool is to slightly reduce the field of view

    Good luck

    Here's the video of the building lights at the airport not working properly

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    The lights are working much better but there's still a problem with the lights on hangers and other airport buildings. I'll try make a video if I get time tomorrow

    PCVR performance in FS4 is now much lower with my Q2/rtx3090 than FS2. I run FS2 at just about everything Ultra and FS4 at everything medium. Running at 80Hz refresh with latest nvidia driver 517.48. This is flying the r22 at the LA Heliports. FS2 is smooth-as, FS4 - lots of stutters. Maybe that landing light that now shows up in VR with FS4 eats up a lot of resources, lol!

    Have you tried using open gl instead of vulkan? I get much better performance with my Q2 when I use open gl

    Thanks Dieter,

    I'm still having problems with the orbx files though. It's the Netherlands one, has anyone had any luck using it with FS4? I've copied the images file to here:

    H:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator\scenery\images\custom\orbx_ftxnld\nl

    When I use Vulkan in VR on the Quest 2 the main menu moves when I move my head. It doesn't do this on open gl but I get quite a lot of graphics glitches when flying in open gl. The same problem with Vulkan on the quest 2 also used to happen on aerofly fs2 as well

    I only ever use VR so I'm not sure how the performance compares to UHD but I do know that VR in this sim performs far better than any other sims I've tried.

    Thanks, must be a problem with my setup then. For some reason it still isn't working. I still get excellent performance without using Vulcan though so it's not exactly the end of the world.


    Just wondering if there's been any progress fixing the problem with Vulcan not working with the Quest 2. I reported the problem a few months ago and it seemed at the time that it was affecting other if not all Quest 2 users.

    I've found Reshade works very well with other sims in VR but I'm unable to get it to work with Aerofly. Has anyone tried it and had any luck getting it to work?

    Here's the link…c_vr_support_time_to_fix/

    For anyone reading this who isn't aware what reshade is the only way I can describe it is it's like the lenses in your VR headset have been cleaned, it really makes a big difference.


    I've recently got Aerofly FS2, been playing in VR and it's amazing but I've been having a few small problems with the Swiss DLC.

    I get the occasional Stutter when flying in Switzerland which I don't get nearly as often when flying around SW USA. I think it may be a problem with the scenery loading while I'm flying. The reason I believe this is because it doesn't seem to make much difference if I change graphics settings and once I've had a stutter, if I fly around in circles no more stuttering occurs. Also it seems to be worse when flying over an airport.

    I'm using an Oculus rift but not through Steam Vr. Specs are: GTX 1070 16GB RAM, i5 6600

    The game is currently installed to my secondary HDD, it's not an SSD, I don't have enough room to install it on my SSD. As I mentioned earlier I don't get the stuttering nearly as often when Flying around SW USA. Does anyone know if I would be able to install the Swiss content to my SSD without transferring over the whole game?

    Any suggestions to improve this would be greatly appreciated.