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    I certainly hope that the UK is modeled at some point - as you've said, there are already several products that would serve as a good starting point, even if developers are reluctant to begin from fresh.

    In case of ORBX, they would not even have to begin from fresh. They recently mentioned that converting an airport from P3D to Aerofly FS 2 takes about 15% of the original time to build the airport, which seems to be quite an efficient conversion process they came up with. They also announced a large amount of such airport conversions from P3D to Aerofly FS 2 for this year, and so I am hoping that some of their UK airports may eventually also be among those. It would definately be a great start for the UK in Aerofly FS 2.

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    While ORBX has mentioned that they will not redo the UK in photoreal due to the high cost associated with it, they may eventually be willing to convert some of their amazing UK airport sceneries to Aerofly FS 2 and then add some photoreal area around them, similar to what they did with Meigs Field where they also added additional photoreal scenery in the surrounding area. This could be a pragmatic compromise and provide us with some high quality UK content. I personally would welcome this approach as I am a big fan of the UK as well and it is my main flight territory in FSX. As we do have the Geoconvert Tool, we could then add additional surrounding scenery to those airports on our own. Maybe something ORBX might consider to do?

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    First post too. Been working on Central Europe and decided to take off from Geneva, then fly towards England, turn around above London and fly back to Zurich.

    A big thanks to IPACS for this great simulator and the members of this forum who keep this community alive.



    Above Heathrow Airport

    London City Airport in the background

    On the way back above Belgium