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    YEEEES! Its finally coming! I am very excited for the handling and the sound of the aircraft, but also about the fact that it looks shiny and not mat like the rest of the fleet! *-*

    Will it also be possible to shut down the engines?

    Do you only use the assigned buttons for acknowledging as well as requesting something? I mean you dont type in a specific altitude for example?

    And also I wanted to know if you are able to dial the frequencies on your own or does the program always do it for you?

    I just flew with the 737 again and still after takeoff at Rotterdam the trim went crazy and after 5 minutes the autopilot disengaged and I struggled keeping the nose down. Even with altitude hold or even more speed there was no way to even get the autopilot in again. I still had my take off flaps and only accelerated to around 230 knots at around 5000-6000 ft. Shortly before that happened I also had the altitude light flashing although I had positive rate and the netherlands are not really known to habe that crazily high mountains that I could potentially crash into... I really dont know what the problem is, because for now this thing is unflyable...

    Aftet that incident I actually made a regular emergency landing :D

    So normally I dont trim at all, because I dont know when to put in which trim so I just let it be and steer the plane the way it is. Yesterday when I tried to put it back towards zero I just used the mouse. :D

    I had my flaps retracted around 3 minutes before that incident happened and I had autopilot and autothrust in and set at around 250 knots which was successful at first.

    So I had a usual flight plan from KSFO to KLAX and even created on the normal navigation page. I did the take off and accelerated the plane with around 220 knots and VS 2000 ft/min. Then I reduced the climb to around 1300 ft/min and changed autothrust to 250 knots. Then it started that the plane was pulling up. Actually right after take off I noticed that the trim was rolling like a fidget spinner which I just ignored since I dont know much about trim. When the pitch increased I switched to Alt hold to maybe stop the pitching in that way since the speed was dropping. That was at around 17000ft only. It did not work and it was still pitching up until I disconnedted autopilot and autothrust which let the nose come down a little bit while I put back the trim. Then I tried the autopilot and autothrust again and again it was rising like hell and so I decided to disconnect all and land somewhere.

    Right before the flight I updated Aerofly to the newest version via Steam, no beta.

    So is there something from your side I can do except from that MCAS?

    Hi there,

    after plenty of time I made a flight with the 737 again. Right after take off the trim was constantly adjusting automatically which then after around 10 minutes of flying caused it to be at 15. While being in autopilot with no climb rate the plane was pitching up so much that my speed dropped from 280 to 130 and I was going down while having the nose up way too much. When disconnecting autopilot I was able to put the trim down slowly, but everytime I put in the autopilot it started again. It did not even try to pull down. Is this normal? It does not seem like its normal.

    That sounds great, although I pretty much got the same answer back in 2017 as well, but lets stay confident and see what the next two years will bring💪🏻

    Will the A380 ever be released to the PC version? Since the physics and almost everything is already available I am curious why you rather make completely new aircrafts??(

    Very nice to hear that you are still working on liveries.

    Actually I wont see my computer still until september so take your time, atleast I dont need to have it now and also just make any you like whenever you have time.

    American Eagle only operated a former version of the Q400, but I agree, it would look very nice.

    Air Berlin and United Express just like said before is just nostalgia :)

    Hi there!

    As I have seen that there are a few liveries for the q400 at I was wondering if it is possible for somebody to create more? I would love to see American Eagle, United Express or Air Berlin!