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    (Well, I do not understand why my video is removed by somebody every now and then)

    Anyway, Dave, I will answer you this way:

    What type of joystick and throttle system do you have to match each other (especially speed) so well ANY GOOD QUALITY JOYSTICK, RUDDER PEDALS, AND THROTTLE WILL DO THE JOB. THAT'S A QUESTION OF LEARNING HOW TO FLY IN FORMATION. A REAL CHALLENGE. Also, when flying in VR, does the other aircraft look pretty smooth YES.VERY SMOOTH, SEE THE VIDEO or does it stutter some due to internet data delay. What amount of ping time 16 MS and connection speeds (upload 3 MBS /download 10 TO 30 MBS) do you have between the two of you? Is there any special setup or additional software required or is this standard operation in DCS World? JUST STANDARD OPTION, EASY TO USE I assume this movie was made from a playback of the data recorded while you both were flying CORRECT

    Links to other formations flying in DCS. They probably all have different gears, joysticks, PCs. Some fly with Track iR, others with VR headsets, which is the way I prefer. I will not go back to 2D monitor(s) even if I'm looking forward to getting a better resolution headset, but that's another topic.

    Of course I want to say thank you to the Ipacs team too. This sim is so natural, so beautiful. I love the way the F18 flies, and I love to fly over "my" swiss Alps and the Grand Canyon with a vr headset. Nevertheless I share most of the opinions above. I've found myself flying FS2 less and less lately too, but maybe due to a coïncidence. I have met skilful people who fly multi since at least ten years (!), and they helped me to make my first flights with them in VR and multiplayer. Here is a short and modest video which you are welcome to watch, or download. This is my third flight with my new friends (and new sim... sorry to say). That's exactly what I was missing.

    Honestly, I'm sure I'll be fully back with FS2 as soon as the dream comes true!

    By the way, the Lenovo Explorer finally worked on my PC. But the quality is not what I had expected. In fact, for me it's even worse than Oculus Rift regarding resolution, and not so ergonomic for my needs. Maybe it's fun for people playing with true mixed reality games, not for flight sim. Well, Rift will remain my gear and will be fine as long as nobody offers a definitly better resolution and fluidity. This comment is purely personal and subjective of course. I can understand people saying their headsets are perfect. I've been flying for many years using triple 27" good quality monitors, and I thought their would be no better way to get such a good immersion. Other people don't share this opinion, and yet they are very happy and fly with amazing talent formations of up to twelve fighters with just a 24" monitor using trackir. But that's a fact: since I have discovered VR simulation, I have found again sensations which I had in real airplanes when I was a young military pilot, long time ago. Those sensations are not possible with 2D simulation.

    I'm convinced it will not take too long before many of us will be flying around in VR... and multiple player...

    CURRENT GEAR WINDOWS 10 PRO GPU: One Gigabyte GTX 1080 Founders Edition (GP104, 8Go) CPU: Intel Core i7- 6700K / 4ghz (turbo 4.4 ghz) X99-E WS/USB 3.1 - SSI CEB - Port LGA2011-v3 - X99 AX1500i - 1500 Watt RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum - DDR4 - 32 Go 2 x EVO 850 Sata 1 TB

    Hi Noyau34

    I have lent my Lenovo to a friend of mine to try it on his own PC. He just sent a sms telling my Lenovo is working well with FS2 on his PC, but installation was a parcours du combattant :) (obstacle course)

    Next week this PC specialist will come home and try to make the same installation on my pc. I'll tell you why I did not succeed.

    See you jjs


    WINDOWS 10 PRO GPU: One Gigabyte GTX 1080 Founders Edition (GP104, 8Go) CPU: Intel Core i7- 6700K / 4ghz (turbo 4.4 ghz) X99-E WS/USB 3.1 - SSI CEB - Port LGA2011-v3 - X99 AX1500i - 1500 Watt RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum - DDR4 - 32 Go 2 x EVO 850 Sata 1 TB

    Dear friends,

    See what I have done so far:

    Paracetamol: after tons of hours and hours of frustrating trials, I had to relax! Thanks for the tip!

    Since Steam for WMR has been officially released > no key

    I have checked my PC to validate the requirements. The answer was YES

    My Windows 10 is fully updated

    Steam VR is installed, mode BETA (even If I don't understand why, after Nov 15th, I still need to use the beta way)

    Windows 10 Developer mode DONE (same rmk)

    Plug the headset (it launches WMR home-YES !!). My Lenovo Explorer headset is plugged in and seems to work. At least I can see the home page of WMR, with furniture, screens, trees, terraces, the sky, and so on. I can move my head left-right-up-down, see behind me, and so on...

    As I will remain seated, I have no choice. I cannot calibrate the room. I have selected standing or seating position.

    Batteries are in the controllers, but I see no "on" led anywhere. Well, I don't need controllers for flight sims

    I have launched Steam VR (becomes green, and says Steam VR active). Good, no?

    Now, maybe I do not quite understand what you mean by Inside Steam VR home launch AFFS2

    What I do is clic on Aerofly FS2 in Steam, then play, then a small window opens and there are 3 choices:

    1) play AFFS2

    2) play AFFS2 in VR with Oculus Rift

    3) play AFFS2 in VR with Steam VR

    I select 3), but I get a warning saying my headset is not identified, and Steam VR quits

    I do not say "Oh la vache !" four times, but something less elegant, hundred times!!

    Next time, before buying a new headset, I will carefully check that the device has been proved to be properly working on my simulators. I am not good enough to manage unending frustrating procedures. I've tried for weeks now.

    Anyway, I appreciate your kind help and patience. Many thanks for giving your time and your knowhow

    Last but not least: compared to the Oculus Rift, is the resolution clearly better in WMR ?

    Noyau34 salut! Je tente depuis 24 heures de faire marcher mon Lenovo Explorer. Sans succès jusqu'ici.

    Dès que j'ai du nouveau je reviens vers toi pour partager mes expériences (jusqu'ici Oculus Rift sans problème, sauf résolution trop basse)

    Mon anglais est bien moins bon que le tien, mais je continuerai dans cette langue pour partager avec plus de monde. Ok?

    A+ JJS

    Well, it looks like Steam VR has implemented Windows Mixed Reality. I am trying to test the Lenovo Explorer headset, but Steam VR says it's is not recognized.

    Is anybody able to fly FS2 with Lenovo Explorer headset? I would be interested to know how you managed that! By the way, I had no problem with Oculus Rift.

    I have no other application to test it. Well, I tried something called Holotour, but I had the same feeling I have with the Oculus: I kind of feel I am in an aquarium.

    But again, If I want to compare both headsets, I need the support of Steam.

    I have purchased a brand new Lenovo Explorer VR headset.

    Well, I'm glad I have not sold my Oculus, because this Mixed Reality headset does not have Steam VR support yet and I only use those headsets for flight simulators.

    It's rather annoying, especially in regard of those one month old announcements:

    * Microsoft has announced that the first Windows Mixed Reality devices will be supported by a number of early VR games currently available, including support for Steam and SteamVR

    * Microsoft's Mixed Reality headsets are getting SteamVR support

    * Steam VR support for Windows mixed reality is right around the corner

    Let's wait! See you