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    Well, Jan is right, it's not as easy as it sounds. But the fact is: I have no noticeable FPS drop when I fly in formation, even when I reach the maximum number of aircrafts. When I update an aircraft, as long as I do not change its name, the "recording" still works. I say again. It is amazingly simple.

    When I want to eliminate an airplane from my list for any reason, the aircraft is replaced by the default Cirrus the jet. If I put the eliminated plane back in the list, it works again!! As simple as I say.

    Now, I am just a keen, simple FS2 and Xplane "enjoyer". I have no idea how Greg Hofer builts its plugin. It's not quite a recording of the airplane. It remembers all my impunts. If I change the plane after "recording", the new machine flies what I have done. Sorry for my english. If I record a flight in command of an A380, then I decide to drop this airplane from my list, when I "replay", the default XP9 Cirrus flies what I did with the A380.

    So, I keep a file with all my planes, just in case.

    Before I built a "mission", I imagine a scenario. Let say I'll be the leader of a 4 planes formation. First I fly the leader of that future formation, it means I behave like a leader, in other words I have consideration for my future wingmen. Then, when I fly as a first wingman, I can usually follow my leader without difficulty, I mean not more than the difficulties encountered in the reality. Then I repeat that an makes the second, then the third wingman. You see what I mean? The result of all this is incredibly funny. I can spend a whole evening creatind a new mission. I can ask friends to fly at this or this position. Then, years later, I remember who is my leader or who takes off with the A350 over there.

    Take the B737, take off on the left side of the runway, never use full power, give a chance to your wingmen, fly like a hooligan inside the Grand Canyon, emerge from it making a barrel roll, throttles back, and land. Then, do it in formation, taking off from the right part of the runway, slightly behind your leader, at 45-60 degrees behind him, well, in formation with that crazy guy. It's a huge lot of fun. Believe me. Additionaly, I can copy my flights and send them by email to a friend. It's installed in his own Xplane9 in 5 seconds, and then he can open his Xplane, select the flight, and play it. He can use my flight as a traffic, or fly in formation with me, or with all my planes.

    I have hundred of flights which I can share with people.

    Of course I would be happy to have multiplayer in FS2.

    But there is an excellent alternative to multiplayer if one wants to fly in formation, or just get some air traffic around, or traffic on ground, moving or not. That's so easy. Unfortunately, it's not yet possible in FS2.

    Oh yes I wish I could fly in formation in FS2 ... the way I can do with Xplane9 and XP10-32bits. I know I am repeating myself, sorry friends.

    Thanks to an amazing plugin from, I can taxi, take off, fly with any kind of aircraft or helicopter, fly the way I want, where I want and kind of record that flight. Then, I can simply fly again, again with any kind of aircraft, and fly in formation with the previously recorded flight(s) when I able to, or use that flight just as a simple traffic. I can repeat that several times and have up 10 aircrafts together in the sky and on ground. Maybe I fly in formation with a few of them, maybe I just let them fly around me as a normal traffic. It works beautifully, smoothly, and realistically. It's very simple to use. It's much more interesting than trying to fly in formation with AI traffic. As a former military pilot, I can assure you that I have the same sensations I had in the real thing. If you want to see videos of some of my flights, just ask and I'll send them via Dropbox to you.

    I fully agree with people saying that multiplayer formation flight would make FS2 much more attractive. After a while, flying alone can be boring. Flying in formation is never boring :)

    IPACS, please ask Greg Hofer from Classic Jet Simulations to work for you and adapt his beautiful plugin for FS2 ! I could sell my mother for this!!

    Whitav8, maybe I'll try Combat Airpatrol2 in VR, even if I'm not very attracted by "games". Although FS2 is sometimes considered as a game, I am impressed by the realism of the flight simulation in most aspects. As I said, I personally still miss multiplayer, formation flight and a much better VR resolution. But for me, Aerofly FS2 is first of all an amazing flight simulator. No need of weapons and so on. Just fly. In FS2, I like the realistic response of the flight controls under my hand, the physical feeling of the trajectories, the amazing sun lighting and reflections (night lighting needs improvement), the perfection of the aircrafts designs and the way they behave in the sky and on ground. Much better than everything I have experienced since 7-8 years

    Whitav8, the best result in terms of VR resolution, versus high frame rate / excellent fluidity, is as follow (RSF 1.75, almost no cloud...) :

    When I set RFS up to 2.0, frame rate decreases from 90 down to approx 50, and simulation start to produce microstutter.

    If I want clouds, a reduction of RFS down to 1.5 or less is necessary because I keep my priority to maintain high frame rate and fluidity

    Ssites, I wish your home would be next to mine. So I could come to you and evaluate our respective subjectivity ... as J van E says (I think he's right)!

    You say you have a similar system as mine and yours is really clear... Your conclusion: something is definitely wrong in my setup! I wish you were right! But I'm afraid it is not! My PC is powerfull enough to run beautifully FS2 with 3 x 27" at 144Hz monitors in surround. Frame rate is always over 90, excellent resolution, fluidity. Maybe you suggest the helmet I have received from (usa) is not in a good shape? I wish I could compare with another set. But how is it possible.

    Oculus in Switzerland? Where? Who? ...

    Anyway, thanks for reacting and sharing

    (time to sleep here :)

    I have tried Render Scale Factor to 2.0. Honestly, I did not notice any improvement

    Well, I do not quite have the same perceptions. Inside my brand new Oculus Rift, aircraft and cockpit detail are extremely fuzzy, not clear at all. Same remark regarding buildings and scenery. Compared to the crispy amazing quality that I get from FS2 on my tree ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q in surround mode, the least I can hope from Oculus or any VR helmet developer is an immense improvement in a hopefully near future. Get rid of the pixels please! Make things clearly visible! Frame rate and fluidity are fine (FPS 90 and more with sliders to the right 😉).

    Somebody said: VR ... It's somewhere between your expectations and a disappointment. I fully agree. My F15 FS2 cockpit and the sceneries are so perfect on my flat monitors, so perfect, that, yes, I am disappointed because I can't read the instrument panel in VR and the whole world looks like I am dead drunk. Outside, objects and buildings are not clearly distinguishable, airplanes on the tarmac are almost unrecognizable, and so on. Nothing to do with my current gear I guess.

    On the other hand, flying in 2D (even on three monitors for better immersion) is not the real thing compared to the VR flight sensation. The same guy said:

    it feels so amazing (at first) to move your head around and stare at a virtual world that presents itself from all angles. Oh yes. Fly the F15 through the Alps, low, fast, is far better and closer to the reality in VR.

    Yes, I am kind of disappointed, but I was right purchasing my first VR gear. I know now that the future flight simulation is not in 2D, but ... virtual reality.

    Therefore, I agree with Dionos: it is already awesome. And yes we do need multiplayer 🙏

    (sorry for my english)