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    Irgendwas auffälliges mit den Verzeichnislängen? Immer länger als x-Zeichen oder exakt x-Zeichen?

    Dein Beispiel oben hat von LaGomera bis ttc exakt 64 Zeichen (2 hoch 6), und als Software-Ingenieur habe ich schon oft die Bits kotzen sehen <X

    Manchmal hat man bei bestimmten Funktionen ganz abstruse Fehler bei besonderen Randbedingunegn drin ...

    Gruß, Roger

    Habe das gleiche oder sehr ähnliches Problem.
    Geforce RTX 2080, Nvidia Treiber 445.87, Windows 10 64 Bit, aktuell gepatcht. Aerofly

    1570.01-tmrenderer_vulkan: ERROR: Fatal : VkResult is 'ERROR_DEVICE_LOST' at line 7325


    1570.02-tmrenderer_vulkan: ================================================================================

    1570.02-tmrenderer_vulkan: FATAL ERROR: vulkan crash message 'failed to submit staging commandbuffers'

    1570.02-tmrenderer_vulkan: memb=30 mema=2555 memt=2974MB memdl=2718MB memdma=11 memdmt=846MB pl=639 pll=28 ds=698

    1570.04-tmrenderer_vulkan: ================================================================================

    General question to this topic and some basic ideas:

    Would it be possible to add a special xml file like the existing ones for cultivation, mesh, etc

    and place these in special new subfolders or a fitting scenery folder to 'extend' missing data

    when reaching a special region.

    Then users could add different navaids to their favorite airports.

    Or, a second thought, could theese user extensions be added/imported to one aerofly file

    to extend the old databases, so let the users do the work for updating/extending your old

    databases. ;)

    Or like fscloudports, use an online database to collect theese data and export

    a global 'extension' file to the navigation database. I think when the navigation data is

    filled manually from official sources, there is no copyright problem with this collection.

    Or ... someone has a much better idea.

    I am software developer since 40 years, and i grew up with fortran, pascal, c, c++, c# and some more. I am developing (windows) business applications against linux database servers and never used java and python because of performance (and many other) problems. I use c# with business libraries (DevExpress).

    BUT c++ is in my opinion the absolutely best choice to get this performance of aerofly. You will find enough benchmarks and comparisons in the internet, and java and python are _much_ slower and for me no useful languages for this purpose, i think, ipacs uses the best language for their sim.

    Yes! Some years ago i posted the idea to start geconvert with a parameter like -autoexit or -close to close it automatically if wanted. In addition to that an exit code 0 / <> 0 would be nice to see if it ran without/with errors.


    The earlier Versions worked with my proxy settings for windows 10. In the actual version 1.0.1 i get no previews and downloads for google and bing maps.

    I have to delete my proxy settings an open the needed ports for direct internet access on my firewall. Did you change something in this case?

    Google and bing itself are working fine with proxy settings.



    Another point regarding R22 controls in VR with Oculus, profi flight mode:

    I first started in VR with Joystick an rudder pedals, worked fine but cyclic very sensitive.

    Now i tried using the rift controllers, cyclic now very nice to handle, great experience,

    BUT: grabbing downwards to the collective works not always precise enough, so i tried

    using the joystick on the left rift controller for that, but with every movement for the

    collective, the pedals/tail rotor ist always affected, because i am not able to only

    control the collective with the rift joystick. And because i'm using separate pedals

    i would like to disable this additional influence on my pedals. Especially while

    take off or landing while changing the collective, this additional unwanted movement

    of the pedals is disturbing very much.

    My wish is: IF tail rotor control (and/or cyclic etc.) in the heli setup is assigned to any

    other controller, DISABLE it automatically on the corresponding rift controllers,

    to avoid unwanted additional input while using the VR controllers.

    And as i said in an older post, especially for the r22 it would be VERY nice to use

    the Rift buttons for trim or view change.



    Today i got my lenses, one week after ordering.

    I am very satisfied with them. Installation was no problem, they fit very well and the quality is comparable with my glasess.

    The best thing is, they dont pinch my nasal bridge and the temples dont pinch my ears. I feel much more convenient with my oculus now.